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  1. -[badger]-

    RPG-7 | Vault | Vosh | Precious skin not applying

    Category: Skins Reproducibility: Always Summary: RPG-7 | Vault | Vosh | Precious skin not applying Description: RPG-7 | Vault | Vosh | Precious skin not applying I have clicked it off and on, but it still shows the stock rpg. Online/Offline: Noticeable on online, havent tried on solo.
  2. -[badger]-

    Crash at end of level completion

    Every time I complete a level in campaign the game crashes. It either crashes just after the rewards screen or just after the next screen which I think is the character upgrade screen. attached are the files generated from the last crash as well as dxdiag for system specs. back in Oct it seems...
  3. -[badger]-

    The Gold Box. Steamworkshop. KF2.

    Now. it may not be apparent to most people who have been grumbling about the Ash harding and the Gold box that this is a strategic move that may be locked in some contractual obligation with publishers(including Valve). Ive looked at this and this is what I can come up with. Iceberg did...
  4. -[badger]-

    Increase VOIP Audio Volume.

    Increase VOIP Audio Volume. I have the music and Effects down to .02 and I can barely hear anyone on the ingame VOIP. either an increased volume in or a Volume Out option to boost VOIP.
  5. -[badger]-

    Red sauce or giblets?

    OK so my Goto 2nd weapon to perk up while im using another perk, for some time, has been the m79 for demo. now Ive gone from lvl2 -lvl4 using mostly the m79 and yet have to have the Blooper Reel Achievement. Are the nades turning the Zed into Mist/ redsauce or Giblets. Do I need to be Demo? if...
  6. -[badger]-

    Cant install custom maps

    so EVERY where I look installing a custom map include: Download Place in Killing floor/Maps/ folder Start game. I DL'd A few Custom maps placed them in the maps folder and nothing shows up in the maplist when I config the server. Is there something I am missing?
  7. -[badger]-

    Mac 10 Q

    bullet and Headshot damage does not count as fire damage????? I went through 8 wave and gained 40k damage towards the perk. round 9 I used the flame thrower and got 20k that round.
  8. -[badger]-

    Mountain pass no music

    I did a search and did not find anything in the forums, but why is Mountain pass still music free.
  9. -[badger]-

    Wheres the METAL. Twisted Christmas

    OK the songs a pub domain, i think. so WHY no METAL versions of the beloved xmas tracks in santas evil lair.
  10. -[badger]-

    Law ied?

    Everytime I myself or someone else I have played with buys a LAW it ends in certain doom. Now just today I figured 'Hey why not use the law, its been awhile" my buddy said" no dont doit you will just end up gibs". well this is what happened. Last wave, lvl6 demo was buying up Laws and droping...