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  1. avp2501

    Favourite TAB for maps

    I've got so many maps installed that it's hard to route through to our favs. Ok we got the playlists but I've got a ton of those too. Any chance of simply having a favourites tab just like the trader now has.
  2. avp2501

    Windows 7 issue with KFed

    Just started using KFed after a LONG holiday from it and now that I'm using windows 7 find these annoying bugs. Is there any work arounds for these? I did try the compatibility modes but that didn't make a difference.
  3. avp2501

    What's up with whitelisting?

    The last whitelist update that we had was 11-15-2011 which is 11 months ago, I know that TW are busy doing what they do but is this whitelist idea really working? Personally I like the idea of the whitelist and if it got updated once a month i'd be happy but I wouldn't want to nag TW about it...
  4. avp2501

    Steampunk Prize DLC doesn't save

    The steampunk DLC was availble as a prize but not to buy so I acquired it through the summer camp prize booth If i change my character to any of my KF skins it will save and stay on the selected skin fine including the steampunk mr foster, however if I select one of the skins which was included...
  5. avp2501

    Circus Event: So what are the modelers upto now?

    So everyone at TW HQ have been working really hard on RO2 except for the modelers who have finished and worked on the Karn-Evil event. But now they have finished making that, what ARE the modelers upto??? Should we be expecting anything for the RO2 launch? Maybe KF skins for pre-ordering RO2?
  6. avp2501

    Online Multiplayer Modes

    I would love to see some online multiplayer gametypes both co-operative and competitive. Co-operative: Team Tower Defence - Just the same but with someone else helping you defend off the evil hordes. Competitive: Arcade VS - See who can get the highest score in the set amount of time playing...
  7. avp2501


    Other than it exists on steam there's no sign that it's comming out in the uk and the reason I ask is because tons of games arn't released in the uk for some reason, a good example is Assassins Creed which wasn't for sale on steam in the uk until Assassins Creed 2 was almost out. Also any ideas...
  8. avp2501

    How do you change the console command key?

    I want to change the console command key to a different key but how do I do this? KF uses this key ' which I find hard to avoid when typing to other players, is there some way that I can change it to something else like
  9. avp2501

    KF-Barricade-Warehouse [NRB]

    Recently I was playing on "Nation Red - Barricade" mode and it's inspired me to make a range of maps for Killing Floor. NR Barricade is basically a survival mode where zombies only come from either one or two directions, making the gameplay simple but with intense action. Current Release...
  10. avp2501


    At some point on the forums (probably steam) someone was talking about wanting to play on a map which was kf-westlondon and kf-filthscross merged together, this didn't sound like a bad idea so I made it. I made this map ages ago and haven't got around to for some time, the file is dated April...
  11. avp2501

    TW go and buy IG Warlord

    Ok this is a little off topic but IG:Warlord is a great game, the retail version is on the quake 3 engine and the devs just haven't done any kind of updates for it. It's pretty much dead even though the game hasn't been out that long. TW go and have a LAN party with this and see what you...
  12. avp2501

    So when can we dual wield the Mac 10?

    Since you only use the one hand when using the Mac 10 I thought that it might be fun to be able to dual wield them. Of course if you also have the flamethrower then you should only be able to carry the one mac 10. Is this a good or bad idea?
  13. avp2501


    After completing our mission we were on our way out, but unfortunately fate had other plans for us. Dig in and pray we have enough ammo left. Current Release Version: 1.0 (6.08mb uncompressed) Current Work in progress Version: 1.0 (6.08mb uncompressed) Playable: Yes (V1.0) Whitelisted: Yes...
  14. avp2501

    Where is KF-Extinction?

    I've done a search in the final and beta section of the forums and I keep ending up with the Hive. How does that work? Anyway I've found some issues / exploits and wanted to let optical shadows know about it.
  15. avp2501

    KF-Cockup or KF-Whoopsie?

    I was going to make this a poll but couldn't get it up and running. Anyway I've made a small map where the players are escaping and get trapped within an awkward area. The gameplay is very intense and the gameplay area is complete. The run to the gameplay area may get removed later on depending...
  16. avp2501

    How do you post with a poll?

    as the title says. No idea how to do it. and also does anyone know how to do the "spoilers" or other useful forum stuff?
  17. avp2501

    KF-TrailOfTheWoods-Reborn Endless Wave

    This is the ENDLESS zombies version of KF-TrailOfTheWoods-Reborn. What is Endless?: No Boss Endless Quantities of Zombies :D A Trader that has her doors open at ALL Hours :rolleyes: A System that adjusts difficulty depending on the number of players :eek: And no respawning.:p If you die thats...
  18. avp2501


    This is a remake of the old classic KF-Trailofthewoods. Permission not granted by Boxxxed - Unable to reach him. Current Release Version: 1-3d (9.81mb uncompressed) Playable: Yes Whitelisted: Yes (1-3d) Photo Gallery: Trader Path now follows the Trail which players use. Videos: N/A...
  19. avp2501

    The Graylist

    Why not have another list similar to the whitelist but called the Graylist? So why have a Graylist? many people liked playing KF-defence-b2 and KF-doom2 because they were easy maps to play with simple layouts and a simple difficulty. I agree that these maps should not be on the whitelist but...
  20. avp2501

    Official - Custom - Mission Map button

    It would be great if you could add Buttons which sort out the map selection screen into different categories such as Official Maps / Custom Maps / Mission Maps. All these maps could be stored in different directories such as: /Maps/Custom /Maps/Mission /Maps/Official Here's an example of...