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  1. Forssen

    Any VAC Ban bugs

    Bugs related to the ban for any VAC ban server option: Game often crashes rather than giving you a Terminated message (dmp files are attached). Bans some people without a VAC ban. These are those that have a VAC ban show up on sites as vacbanned.com but who doesn't have a VAC ban on their...
  2. Forssen

    Dwarfs!? free to play.

    Must say that this is the best business model I've seen so far. http://store.steampowered.com/news/9128/
  3. Forssen

    Make Lockdown depend on how many caps remaining

    It's a bit annoying when you loose as attacker at the last cap because of lockdown rather than the time running out. It feels like you're being punished for capping to fast. This could be solved by not triggering lockdown if there if there is more than total time * (1 - total caps / caps left)...
  4. Forssen

    reddit: IAMA WWII Marine Corps Rifleman ... AMA about the Battle of Peleliu.

    With Rising Storm on the horizon I found this to be a interesting read. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/y1pdv/iama_wwii_marine_corps_rifleman_sterling_mace_and/
  5. Forssen

    Option to remove tooltip text from cover icon

    I think by removing the "press ctrl to cover/mantle" text the screen can become a bit less cluttered. The icons already tells you all you need to know. Besides taking up screenspace I unconsciously read the text each time it pops up which I find very annoying.
  6. Forssen

    Open game development/Early alpha

    What do you think about the more or less open game development some indie devs seem to have adopted. For example: Natural Selection Overgrowth Project Zomboid and of course Minecraft Is this something new or does anyone have any examples of released games developed this way? I like the...
  7. Forssen

    Suppresion system

    The only times the suppression system has had any effect on me is when a friendly close behind me fired. I know it would be scary in real life if they fired like that but fact is that this is a game with limited control over your avatar. In real life you can from most positions put your weapon...
  8. Forssen

    Spartanovka cap points

    If the Russians recapture a previously captured point the spawns stay the same and the same two points remain open (Russians now have two points to defend).
  9. Forssen

    Servers with RO style gameplay?

    Is there any servers running with settings that aims to make the gameplay more like in RO? Thanks in advance.
  10. Forssen

    Tank position select

    When you swap seats in tank it would be nice if it was similar to when you switch weapon. The list of seats is listed with some indication if it's empty, occupied by AI or occupied by another player. Would make it easier to plan your seat swap if for example your gunner dies while you are...
  11. Forssen

    Minor radiotalk nitpick

    Red Orchestra 2 Beta Gameplay - YouTube In this video when he's calling in a reconnaissance aircraft he's interrupted when talking in the radio by the other end. They are talking at the same time for a short time. As far as I know radios doesn't work like that.
  12. Forssen

    German crawl with weapon in one hand

    So we all know that Germans will sprint with their weapons in one hand in RO2. I don't know how they were thought to crawl with their weapon but it doesn't seem far-fetched to think they were also learned to crawl with their weapon in one hand. Only thing I found was this video, they do crawl...
  13. Forssen

    New Screenshots at Gamereactor

    http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/8286/New+Red+Orchestra+2+screens/ Don't the lighting look a bit odd in some of the screens? Is the screenshots edited or has the lightning changed? Compare these two. Gamereactor: http://www.gamereactor.eu/media/26/newredorchestra_252624b.jpg Rock paper shotgun...
  14. Forssen

    Enhanced custom server browser

    So, I was a bit disappointed at the depth of the server browser. As you can read it seems like this idea they had wont be included: Was I the only one hyped for this? If not I'm thinking of trying to do something similar. A website with a feature like above and hopefully some smooth way to...
  15. Forssen

    Prague and Play presentations

    http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/8248/GRTV%3A+More+on+Red+Orchestra+2/?sid=6e35af9de2596cc13a766a55c1c6a686 The talk about RO2 starts at around 5.30. Nothing new, just an overview of the game, some powerpoint trouble and a mention of the new weapons maxim mg, mkb42, mp40/ll and avt40. Looks like...
  16. Forssen

    Gamereactor Rising Storm Interview 28/7

    http://www.gamereactor.se/grtv/?id=11947 Pretty interesting.
  17. Forssen

    Chat history

    As it is now if I miss what someone wrote in the in-game chat I bring up the console to check. It would be much smoother if you could press the "write chat message key" and see the last 5 messages from that specific chat category. Maybe the tactical view could display this too.
  18. Forssen

    Non HUD differences between game modes

    What could this be? The one thing that comes to my mind is that in relaxed realism you might spawn closer to the squad leader than in realism mode.
  19. Forssen

    Gamereactor interview (video)

    New interview by gamereactor: http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/7508/GRTV%3A+Red+Orchestra+2+Interview/?sid=122450f990318a530ef8f747359890fb
  20. Forssen

    Ingame score

    Some button to bring up a very simplistic scoreboard that shows your current position in the score table, points left to your top score and points left to some goal. Should be made so you can keep it on while playing. With some goal I mean something like: x points left to: Top 10 000 Top 9000...