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    Large Zedron Collider


    Update Prevents Game from Starting

    I have done all the stuff to try to make this work on my end.................the game was working ok on this system before the update now the game won't start or run. It takes me here.........https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9764-IJVM-3291&l=english. BTW I have done a full...


    [No message]

    Server using only KFMutator not allowing rankup

    As the title says. I have three 30 man servers using only the kfmutator at various difficulties. After a full match on sui all players received no xp nor did they advance their levels. The servers are listed with the circle with the line icon now. All was ok before the update. The KFMutator...

    Give the Brute some love

    Do we need to do a write in campaign to get a Brute like Zed. Throw the WPC some dosh and bring on the Brute.

    Cell Block Six


    Happy Hour

    Happy Hour is a KF2 map depiction of a quiet country inn on the outskirts of Paris; The "Tortured Souls Inn".

    Skull Island


    Dead Bridge

  10. [SM]TOPSGT

    Problem with the grass?

    I have used this MaterialInstanceConstant " 'ENV_Paris_MAT.Vegetation.Env_Paris_Grass_MIC' " on a published map and a map I am working on. I get an error msg about not compiling and the grass does not show up when played in game and is replaced by the blue and white blocking but is visible in...
  11. [SM]TOPSGT

    FX_Mat_Lib.upk error?

    Today I tried to join a server and got an error msg stating Downloading package failed FX_Mat_Lib.upk. This happened on all he servers I tried. I tried a few things such as reinstalling to no avail. Anyone know what might be going on? File string is KFGame/BrewedPC/Packages/MaterialLib/""...
  12. [SM]TOPSGT


    We Stand With The French
  13. [SM]TOPSGT


  14. [SM]TOPSGT

    KF-Street Light

  15. [SM]TOPSGT

    Help with a path build error

    How can I correct this error? "Error kf-testbuild KFPathnode_6 Only 0 PlayerStarts in this level (need at least 1)"
  16. [SM]TOPSGT

    Red Zone to control Spawn campers

    A element for mappers I would like to see brought into the game and I struggle to describe it are player damage zones the can be placed at a zed spawn map entrance point. A player volume that causes damage to the player and restricts said players movement upon encountering the spawn area...
  17. [SM]TOPSGT

    Help stop in game exploits

    Here's hoping someone has a fix or knows how to close these glitches. Two this of note; atm I have SeverExt, Game config, Ammomut and server msgs running on a server. Some players have informed me that if they throw their wpns in the air they can get the wpn dupe glitch. Also they say that...
  18. [SM]TOPSGT

    Changing the keybind?

    Hello, I would like to ask the Devs if at some point in the future the option to change key binds will be updated. A friend of mine plays with the arrow keys rather than the W,A,S,D keys. Plus I think he does a couple of other changes to keys. This worked well in KF1. ATM it is not possible...
  19. [SM]TOPSGT

    Version for MACs?

    My friend wants to know when and if a version of KF2 for her MAC would be forth coming? I haven't been able to talk her out of her MAC for years now even though it ran poorly on a KF1 modded server. Perhaps some time soon?
  20. [SM]TOPSGT

    Barrett .50 Cal

    Lets get this into KF now and def in KF2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvjTpNjyhBs