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    Killing Floor 2 - Epic Online Services Beta

    Curious how do we get the DAR classic armour? is it something we have to earn on DieSector endless wave till wave 25 or will it be auto added to the inventory?
  2. C

    just curious

    curious, for hosting dedicated servers for KF2 will it be the same procedures as Killing Floor 1?
  3. C

    Kf arg buchon

    Just curious to know what KFARG BUCHON OPO is, I went on a server today and saw that dload but didn't see and different changes in gameplay. Just curious to know what it is.
  4. C

    searching for a particular map

    Edit: found the map it was Aspen Manor. mods can you delete this thread? Thanks
  5. C

    music folder?

    I was wondering, some of the maps have custom music but however on the dedicated servers there is no music folder. Is there a way to still have the maps play the custom music? Or create/ link the music folder on dedicated servers?
  6. C

    looking for kick mutator mod

    I'm looking for a mutator that enhances the kick/ vote kick function that basically lets you state a reason or reason's why they were kicked just like how a Operator can kick someone out of their irc channel with a reason. If there is such a mutator can someone let me know? Thanks
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    [CCC] Chillmatic Chilling Clan now recruiting

    Hello everyone :) Our clan [CCC] is currently recruiting members into joining us. We as a group love to play Killing Floor and other games or just chill and chat with other members and friends it's a very good way to meet people and find games in common. We have our own servers for Killing...