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  1. [40-1]MORD

    3d voip

    I want to have it restricted to own team only but couldn't find it at webadmin. Found 2 settings in cfg bPositional3DVOIP and bPositional3DVOIPAllHear but changing them doesn't work for me. How to do it?
  2. [40-1]MORD

    Redirecting servers - question to the devs and ppl who know this stuff

    "Redirects" as most of us know work as follow - you join a server running a map you dont have. Download starts and if you have decent broadband and are not far from server location you have game on your machine in 15-60 seconds. Instead of taking file from game server directly you fetch it from...
  3. [40-1]MORD

    TWI - new map contest please

    Hiya. To TWI devs. As title says. Could you consider organizing a new map contest for ro2 community? There are plenty of new maps, some older got improved too and we`ve got a few active mappers possessing very high mapping skills. Community begs for new content so please helps us dear devs :D I...
  4. [40-1]MORD

    RS Optional Axis campaign map

    Axis attacking Iwo, Axis attacking Saipan etc. Ok. I know that they can win as I`ve witnessed it a few times. 99% of these attacks is a complete failure tho. IMO RS campaign would see much more often Axis victory if Japanese couldn`t choose some American attack maps. My idea is to add a new...
  5. [40-1]MORD

    RO2 Low speed of vehicles

    I dont know how to reproduce this issue but seems to be related to latest patch and new vehicles. Happened on StalingradOutskirts and Yakovlevo. Vehicles run with a max speed 7km/h. On huge CA maps its a game breaking issue. It doesnt happen every time as the issue didnt occure on Yakovlevo today.
  6. [40-1]MORD

    RS Rising Storm future content

    So we know what we can expect for HoS, we are pretty well informed about it but what about Rising Storm? I couldn`t find and answer so decided to ask Anti-Matter Games guys directly. Can you tell us what RS content we can expect? Any new maps (not map contest ones), weapons (tanks :D) ? Share a...
  7. [40-1]MORD

    Just another thread about no one playing custom maps - NOT

    Hi commrades! We have so many threads about going like "no one wants to play custom maps", "players dont want to stay and download" etc etc. Is it really as bad? Me thinks that it is not. Check this picture just taken a few mins before. 40-1 server 1 & 2 full of chaps happily playing custom maps...
  8. [40-1]MORD

    80 players on the server

    As title says - we had 80 players at one time on the server. To make sure I counted all players names in the web admin. It was custom map as you can see. Only 64 players were playing. The other 16 could only spectate. See picture. Hows that possible?
  9. [40-1]MORD

    Custom map install on server and redirect

    Hi. I haven`t been around for a while so im not up to date ;) I noticed that there is only one file .roe available in download links instead of cleint/server version as it used to be. Tried to get some maps running but failed. Can someone explain how to install custom maps on server and redirect?
  10. [40-1]MORD

    RO2 Myshkova River possible reinforcement bug

    I was called today to our campaign server. When I joined reinforcements of one faction were 200 and -42 for another. Most of players left the server. I decided to pull this map for now. Has anyone experienced this problem?
  11. [40-1]MORD

    Changes after 21st April patch?

    I noticed there is new folder called BrewedPcServer. Should we place custom files like .u and .upk to this folder or still to CookedPcServer? Do we still install client version in the same way on redirecting servers?
  12. [40-1]MORD

    RO2 Reinforcement bug in Classic mode - quick fix needed

    I`ve tested on few HoS maps so far but other maps might be affected as well. These maps get lowest amount of reinforcements (16 players) on 64 players server. Examples, taken after first spawn wave: Winterwald: - classic: Axis 385, Axis 385 - realism: Axis 600, Allies 505 Bridges of Druzhina...
  13. [40-1]MORD

    Idle players

    Web admin provides us with a basic tool to kick idle players ( it used to work but now seems to be broken as idle player doesn`t get kick after given time). Another issue is players who are idle coz they don`t join any team. Sometimes it`s even 3-6 of them taking slots but not playing. Only way...
  14. [40-1]MORD

    [Error] Disapearing avatars

    Noticed that bug on our training a week ago. All of the sudden one guy I was looking at disappeared. Asked where he was he replied that he can see me whilst I couldn`t. Best part was when I left conveyor tower on Grain to meet the rest of the guys on 4th level of elevator. I came but didnt see...
  15. [40-1]MORD

    RO2 campaign - one team crashing

    This issue doesn`t happen very often. Once a day or less. All seems to be well until all players from 1 team crash to desktop, second team remain on the server. Not possible to join the team which just crashed. Look at a picture. game says team is full. Happens only on campaign server. Server...
  16. [40-1]MORD

    RS German word in English version

    Picture shows German word "schutzen" next to attack and defend. I`ve got English version.
  17. [40-1]MORD

    RS Kicked by admin bug

    It happened today in official version of the game. Firstly a couple of players got kicked receiving message "kicked by admin" then on another server 60 players including me got kicked getting same message. 4 players remained on the server. Anyone got that too?
  18. [40-1]MORD

    RS Classic speed - do you want changes

    This has been discussed many many times. Things have changed after releasing RS beta - things like banzai charge don`t work as supposed in Classic IMO. Choices: -No change -Increasing full speed (exhausted stamina speed remains the same) -Increasing exhausted stamina speed only -Increasing...
  19. [40-1]MORD

    [Question] Foot steps sound

    Recently I`ve noticed that I`m not able any more to hear foot steps of enemy players who come from behind to stab me. Is it just me or anyone else has seen that too?
  20. [40-1]MORD

    TWI Stalingrad maps - abandoned or delayed

    I remember Yoshiro saying a long time ago that TWI`s had a few Stalingrad maps in different state of development. I`m very curious about them as in general I love Stalingrad theme. Playing Campaign made me think - what map should have been put as default in Traktorniy sector? For sure not...