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  1. manoleirando

    Kicking off 2020 with a couple of Holdout maps.

    I like this idea, Nightmare and Powercore in HoE are a good challenge, I would like to see more maps like this two.
  2. manoleirando

    Yuletide Horror Beta 1 Is Now Live!

    1. Yep, that's what happened to me on Monday when playing 6p-Suicidal, another player killed the Mat. 2. Something similar happens to me too, but in other occasions when I enter a server and I'm in the lobby the game freezes and I can't even close the game neither navigate through other...
  3. manoleirando

    Riot Shield

    Bone Crusher has more damage reduction and it's smaller than the Riot Shield, that right hand with the Glock takes too much damage :ROFLMAO: BTW I like it.
  4. manoleirando

    Yuletide Horror Beta 1 Is Now Live!

    I killed her playing in Hard difficulty offline but it didn't count for the achivement neither yesterday in 6-players Suicidal, surely it's a bug.
  5. manoleirando

    Yuletide Horror Beta 1 Is Now Live!

    I fought her 2 times, survival and weekly modes, hard difficulty. None of them counted in the seasonal achievement.
  6. manoleirando

    Let HRG Incision shoot without auto-aim

    For me it's OK, I like the weapon as it is now and it's very good against bosses to EMP them constantly.
  7. manoleirando

    Yuletide Horror Beta 1 Is Now Live!

    I know the chance for all bosses is the same, it's like throwing a dice, you can take the same result two or three times in a row, but now I played a total of 12 games and I didn't fight her :( 12 games and I couldn't test the new boss.
  8. manoleirando

    Yuletide Horror Beta 1 Is Now Live!

    Same feeling here. I played 5 games and I got King Fleshpound 3 times, 1 Abomination and 1 Patriarch. I don't remember exactly but when the Abomination was introduced in the game two years ago it was the only boss spawning at Krampus Lair map? If that was the case they could do the same with...
  9. manoleirando

    Yuletide Horror Beta 1 Is Now Live!

    Yep, it's a bit disappointing because the principal attractive of this update is the Matriarch and having to kill her 10 times with this spawn rate... It's quite hard :/ I know that we will get a Matriarch objective map in one of the next updates but a lot of players thought that Bioticslab boss...
  10. manoleirando

    What We Are Up To - Investigating Persons and Places Of Interest

    :eek::eek::eek: What happened to you Rachel.... you helped us before and now you are the worst threat! I expect some good dialogs from her referencing what happened in KF1. This is why I purchased both the Ion Thruster and Rhynos, this update will be awesome! Thank you very much TWI, keep it...
  11. manoleirando

    What We Are Up To - Preparing For ... Something

    I like the new weapons a lot! I'll pay for both Nagant and Shield, that's for sure :giggle:
  12. manoleirando

    What We Are Up To - Back To The Lab

    Awesome news! Another Objective map, new tools, something angry... Thank you TWI :giggle:
  13. manoleirando

    The kick poll system

    Yesterday, for example i enter a 5/6 server and started playing in round 2/10. Without any reason, at the end of the wave, someone started a kick poll against me and they succeeded. Playing with GS i joined forces with a Commando and Swat. Their only reason i think was i killed more zeds than...
  14. manoleirando

    Lorem Ipsun Message Where Exiting a Game

    Hi, When i exit a solo game some minutes ago i noticed a "Lorem Ipsum" message in the loading screen instead of an advice message. I started and exit some games and finally i saw it again and took a screenshot. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=738642247
  15. manoleirando

    KF Movement Lag

    Hi. I was looking for a solution to this, but i only found another post with the same issue as mine: Any idea? :confused: