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  1. Azukki

    Merc Report - Merc Interfacing Improvements

    There is a friendly HUD size slider in options, which helps, but that could still be handled better.
  2. Azukki

    Merc Report - Merc Interfacing Improvements

    The new zedative looks cool, but moving the gas clouds it makes down to the floor would probably be a huge improvement to it, for visibility's sake.
  3. Azukki

    Microwave gun any good?

    Killing zeds is of course the end goal in the game, and MWG is not impressive for doing that. It's not a good weapon for good circumstances. However, when problems come up, MWG can do a great job bailing you out. Heat Wave combined with MWG's primary fire's area of effect eliminates the issue of...
  4. Azukki

    How many KF2 players go back to play KF1?

    Despite QPs, gas crawlers, and EDARs' best efforts to make me go appreciate KF1 gameplay by comparison, KF2 headshot hitboxes spoiled me and I just can't go back to memorizing invisible spheres floating around over shoulders and through elbows.
  5. Azukki

    HoE and Dosh

    The spray with 500D at once can be controlled fairly well. To get it all on one particular player, aim for their feet. To put it on the ground free for the taking in a small pile, aim low and/or sprint backwards. I see the small piles as being a bit of an advantage: people know about what...
  6. Azukki

    PSA Regarding issue with the Matriarch Seasonal Objective

    So between the final blow thing and the randomized bosses, it would have been an average of 600 boss battles to finish the challenge if playing on full teams that lost half the time to the unfamiliar boss? 10x5x6x2
  7. Azukki

    HoE and Dosh

    You can already do that. Pop this in the console, and your L button will spew 500D per press: Setbind l "tossmoney | tossmoney | tossmoney | tossmoney | tossmoney | tossmoney | tossmoney | tossmoney | tossmoney | tossmoney" You can edit the command for a different button or more or less...
  8. Azukki

    upgraded boomstick or doomstick?

    Boomstick is terribly underwhelming compared to what it used to be, but if you adjust expectations to it being a tier 2, it's still a decent value. Boomstick upgraded to other tiers seems like a lousy value, though, each upgrade only adds 5% damage, and it gets expensive when you add up what...
  9. Azukki

    Reminder to take the Yuletide Horror Bet 1 Survey

    I'll mention again this issue with winterbites. When you hit a zed's collision cylinder, but not its hitzones, (such as shooting over a zed's shoulder) you lose out on the impact damage, which is most of the damage, and there's only the weak frost puff. This makes winterbites pretty lousy for...
  10. Azukki

    Undetonated Explosive Projectiles Dissapearing.

    I'm pretty sure this bug is now applying to the winterbites. If the snowball hits the zed's collision cylinder but no hitzones, it does detonate, but no impact damage gets applied, so there's only the weak area of effect frost puff.
  11. Azukki

    Yuletide Horror Beta 1 Is Now Live!

    solo offline console ~ enablecheats GiveWeapon KFGameContent.KFWeap_Rifle_MosinNagant GiveWeapon KFGameContent.KFWeap_SMG_G18 (this is officially supported) Anyways, Sanitarium is a bit neat, Incision and Mosin are pretty cool. Mat's brutal with whipping out quick ranged attacks, hug your...
  12. Azukki

    What We Are Up To - Investigating Persons and Places Of Interest

    A greater evil than Pat ever dreamed of.
  13. Azukki

    Rhino says it's also for sharpshooter but doesn't appear in sharpshooter trader pod list

    Conceptually, Rhinos not fitting Sharpshooter sounds right to me. Sharp's theme is deliberate headshots, but headshots don't really make the most out of Rhinos' specialty: fragments. Rhino bullets do just 70 damage to what you aim at, unimpressive, but then out the back, three fragments each can...
  14. Azukki

    9mm: A compromise between ammo and damage

    When they buffed 9mm to decap clots/etc with base damage just before they added the upgrade system, that was a missed opportunity, I think. My simple suggestion is 17 damage, 150 total max rounds. With the headshot bonus and rounding, that's 19 damage to heads. That way, even the slightest...
  15. Azukki

    401 or 501 with Commando?

    Commando FAL+401 is excellent for plain shooting zeds, the contrast between the two is about perfect. If you have the right one equipped for the zed you're shooting, you can really appreciate using the right tool for the job, but you can also get by with the wrong one. The healing darts are also...
  16. Azukki

    Maybe Survivalist doesn't need a complete re-work?

    I like Survivalist's general concept of using anything moderately well, my gripes about it are how it falls short on achieving that concept sometimes. Something to note about Survivalist is that merely having a variety of weapons is actually not a benefit to him over other perks. With one extra...
  17. Azukki

    Will you be getting the new weapons DLC? Poll

    Definitely never at the initial $10 each prices, but from the start those were surely just a mind game to make the later discounted prices look good in comparison. I'd like to say never at all, since I'm disappointed in TWI for doing this, particularly after they were defending all the paid...
  18. Azukki

    Racho Shotgun: Buckshot & Slug Modes, Without Separate Ammo

    Shotguns with slugs and buckshot get suggested for KF2 pretty often, but managing two supplies of ammo and reloading whenever you want to switch in a conventional shotgun could be a little bit of a hassle for players, and maybe devs. But there's a concept for a high tech solution that Horzine...
  19. Azukki

    Taurus Judge for support.

    .410 revolvers could be a great weapon to have available in KF2 as a support/gunslinger crossperk, but they would be a poor fit for T5. .410 shells are the littlest and weakest shotgun shells commonly available, so the appropriate power for them in game would be on the lower end. KF2's M4 is 12...
  20. Azukki

    Configure Starting Loadout Menu: More New Weapon Potential, New Survivalist Options

    When selecting a perk, below the passive benefits, you see your starting loadout. I suggest that players be able to click there, opening a new menu they can use to configure these parts of their loadout, allowing some nice new options. A mockup of survivalist's configure starting loadout menu...