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  1. K98-Schütze[GER]

    K98's 23 points about Vietnam.....so far

    My 23 points I actually wrote in the survey.... (please note, its just my opinion after around 20h RS2 on mostly and only 2 maps, but start to discuss, maybe you have good ideas too, the more, the better) 1.) Performance issues when more players are online. 2.) The respawn bug is terrible if...
  2. K98-Schütze[GER]

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (Video thread)

    Hello, I did not found some existing video thread, so I hope its ok to open it here for people who are interested in. If I missed some existing thread, than maybe a mod feels free to cut it here out and add it there. First multiplayer impressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lvwh31sL04
  3. K98-Schütze[GER]

    RO2 Unpolite Teammates or an usual RO2 story

    Hello, :D I just had a campaign won on Pavlov's House on the german side on the server IRDI, I think it was this server. I was TL on Pavlov's House and supported my team with Recon and Arty all time. I was shooting with my rifle from the roof a lot of enemies. I own a Micro and being very...
  4. K98-Schütze[GER]

    RS The most epic campaign I ever had

    ....was yesterday. I think it was the Merill's or the 40-1, dont nail me down on that, cause once I was sitting ingame, I stayed there for about 5 hours there. I came in and Japan had only 2 areas on the campaign map. So, I decided for the japanese side,....as (mostly) always :D The server...
  5. K98-Schütze[GER]

    RO2 The "myth" of german bias

    Dear comrades ;) Actually there is no prefered team by the public, so my experience. Very often it is that much players take the soviet team. And why not? I take it often by myselfe so far. But I dont see "overstacking axis team" at all. Sometimes its here and there, depending on server often...
  6. K98-Schütze[GER]

    [Error] Punkbuster active but kicking me

    Heya! Off course I activated punkbuster in the options. Still, since today, I get kicked from several servers by ca. message: "communication failure service pack" Game is on current version. What to do? Also, if somebody could help me with RO1 support, I've a thread there about broken ingame...
  7. K98-Schütze[GER]

    [Error] Ingame voice chat broken

    Hello, since 2 or 3 days I've got suddenly a problem with ingame voice chat. It is not working anymore in OST/DH/MN. I did not changed anything, nor my computer is much different than 3 days before. In RO2 for example, everything can understand me, so it is not the mic. If I push the voice...
  8. K98-Schütze[GER]

    RS [RO2] 2 suggestions about rifle things

    Hey! I have 2 suggestions/questions and would like to know what you think about it: 1.) Can we make it optional in RO2/RS, that TL's and SL's could have bolt-rifles? It might sound weird, but often I prefer this than a semi-automatic-rifle, specially on medium to higher distances. 2.) [RS]...
  9. K98-Schütze[GER]

    Punkbuster and Invalid Packages

    Hello, I dont know what happend, but since few days I get kicked by servers due to "Punkbuster" or "Invalid Pack" messages..... ...in steam everything is up to date and I didnt changed anything.... ....actually it is 1 of 3 games that I can not correct join, or get kicked after some...
  10. K98-Schütze[GER]

    [Teamkill] Say sorry if u do it

    Dear (new) comrades! The free steam weekend is now some time ago, and well.... :mad: Example: Last time on GrainElevator. I spoke in the beginning on the 'public voice chat' these words: "Dont forget to say sorry or at least type in the word 'sorry' if you accidently teamkill somebody!"...
  11. K98-Schütze[GER]

    Annoying things, servers and a bug? [Questions]

    Hey comrades! I think everybody know's this well.... ....so I ask what is the status on this. You play on a server, map is changing, you are the first on selecting team mode and you can NOT select your wished team. You are looking at the team selection mode screen, people coming in and taking...
  12. K98-Schütze[GER]

    RO2 Bridges_of_to_much_and_everywhere

    Hello comrades, hello TWI guys... ....well, we all know Bridges of Druzhina. Personally I think its a great piece of map and it was always fun to play. Til now! I should have make a screen shot from 10 minutes ago....unbelievable in the server choosing bar :eek:. About 7 from the 10 fullest...
  13. K98-Schütze[GER]

    RS [Question] Japanese grenade traps

    As the title shows - some questions about the 'nade traps from the japanese side: 1.) If I deploy them into ground - how long they will stay? Til I die? 2.) Can other japanese players run over them and trigger them? 3.) Can american soldiers see them? Can japanese allies soldiers see them...
  14. K98-Schütze[GER]

    Tactical delay

    The tactical delay was possible in RO1. Now, if you are not attacking the cap zones for a while, than you will be nailed down. The timer in orange is starting and running down. If no progress is made, the attackers will lose the match. What is stupid, cause in reality you want sometimes just...
  15. K98-Schütze[GER]

    Speaking Avatar

    Hey guys, I've some question(s) about speaking player charakter. When a round starts, always my soldier-avatar is speaking something. Always. How is the rule? In Stalingrad I am hero, but others too...me is speaking :p In Rising Storm I am not hero yet, but also speaking always when round...
  16. K98-Schütze[GER]

    Zhytomir 1941

    As the titles says - its about the legendary Zhytomir map from RO1. I swear, once I played this map, but since than never again and as I forgot the server name - I think I wont ever again. Where is it? Somebody knows how to get it, or which server is playing it? I am curious and hot on this map :p
  17. K98-Schütze[GER]

    RS Japanese semi automatic rifles

    I think, for gameplay balance, there should be a rare implementation for japanese semi automatic rifles. Like the MKB42 in Stalingrad.... Off course not the amount in comparation like the US forces own, but just 2 or even 1 slot for the japanese would be good. Its kind of really easy for the...
  18. K98-Schütze[GER]

    Suddenly wrong statistic

    Hey! As the title says: suddenly I've got a wrong statistic in RO2. Yesterday I played 2504 matches, I won on matches about 1600. Today I looked and suddenly it says I won 344 matches from 2504, what makes round about 0.15 victory ratio. Why? How? Shall I get scared about my kill statistic soon?
  19. K98-Schütze[GER]

    RO2 Maps? Ostfront!

    RO2 is nice, but I guess mostly players which played Ostfront are missing the flair. Flair comes from content. Good, content like PAKs and stuff - most people lost hope. But content are also good maps and Ostfront/Darkest Hour/Mare Nostrum had enough of very interesting and exciting maps. New...
  20. K98-Schütze[GER]

    Red Orchestra problems things Rising Storm

    Damn guys! Why I cant take SVT40 as elite-marksman on german side since Rising storm? I am level 75, earlier it was possible. Also I never have the possibility to take MKB 42 as stormer, but during same time a level 61 guy in my team can take it? Explanaition please.... Also I think they...