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  1. Azukki

    Racho Shotgun: Buckshot & Slug Modes, Without Separate Ammo

    Shotguns with slugs and buckshot get suggested for KF2 pretty often, but managing two supplies of ammo and reloading whenever you want to switch in a conventional shotgun could be a little bit of a hassle for players, and maybe devs. But there's a concept for a high tech solution that Horzine...
  2. Azukki

    Configure Starting Loadout Menu: More New Weapon Potential, New Survivalist Options

    When selecting a perk, below the passive benefits, you see your starting loadout. I suggest that players be able to click there, opening a new menu they can use to configure these parts of their loadout, allowing some nice new options. A mockup of survivalist's configure starting loadout menu...
  3. Azukki

    Please Disable/Adjust the Forum Spam Filter to Not Hide Posts After Multiple Edits.

    On this forum, you can edit your posts, but if you do so a few times in short order (to better reword things, fix typos, be more thorough, etc) the spam filter will hide the post entirely until it gets approved by a mod, which doesn't always happen particularly quickly. This is often blocking...
  4. Azukki

    Map Votes Still Count After Leaving

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always (?) Description: If someone casts a vote for the next map, and then leaves the server, their vote remains, even though the map selection doesn't affect them. Online/Offline: Online
  5. Azukki

    Doomstick/Boomstick Altfire May Not Fire All Shells If Button is Held During Reload.

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: If you hold altfire during any doomstick reload or some boomstick reloads, when it fires, not all of the shells will fire. Description: 1) Get the Doomstick 2) Fire it 1, 2, 3, or 4 times, resulting in it having 3, 2, 1, or 0 shells loaded. 3)...
  6. Azukki

    Rioter Headshots: Sometimes Worthwhile. Helmet Override Threshold 125dmg

    Despite the helmet, the best way to kill a Rioter is still with one good headshot. If an individual hit on his head does over 125 damage, he will be decapitated. Notably weaker hits than that will allow his 450 health helmet to protect him, meaning a total of 575 damage must be dealt before his...
  7. Azukki

    AF2011A1's Bullet Offset Global, and Missing Casings

    Category: Code, 3D art effects Reproducibility: Always Summary: The AF2011A1 shoots bullets with a global offset from each other, rather than offset based on player aim. Like instead of right and left, they shoot east and west. The casings are missing a model and/or texture. There's some...
  8. Azukki

    Nuked's Alarm Sound Doesn't Play, Online

    Category: Code(? or "Audio"?) Reproducibility: Always. Summary: No alarm on kf nuked, online. Description: If you play online on the official map "Nuked", the alarm sound before the nuclear explosion does not play. 1) Join a survival server online with map Nuked. 2) Play it until you get...
  9. Azukki

    464 SPX and HZ12 Aiming Off

    Category: Animation Reproducibility: Always Summary: Both of the new guns don't aim properly. Description: 464 SPX and HZ12 have misaligned animations when you aim down their sights. Their sights get steadily held in the wrong spot, not quite indicating the center of the screen, where the...
  10. Azukki

    Scrake Rage Sensitivity Scaling With Player Count Extremely And Strangely

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always (on difficulties and players counts specified) Summary: The scrake rages with any minuscule amount of damage on most difficulties and player counts, but behaves normally on solo. Description: Scrake rages definitely were changed with the summer sideshow...
  11. Azukki

    464 SPX Missing Tracer Effects

    Category: 3D Art or Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: The 464 SPX lacks tracers when it's not zedtime. Description: The tracer effect, which helpfully reinforces a player's sense of where the center of the screen is by shooting a visual projectile and is included for all other hitscan...
  12. Azukki

    Wave Zed Count Includes Unreadied Players

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: The wave zed count is affected by players that aren't playing yet. Description: Players that join a server midgame but haven't readied up yet, so they're not playing yet for the wave, count toward the number of zeds that will spawn in that wave...
  13. Azukki

    Briar Favorite Weapon Dialogue Lines: Some mixed up, some unused

    Category: Audio Reproducibility: Always Summary: PC Rob Briar and Classic Briar use misfitting favorite weapon lines, and don't use some lines. Description: These lines are misfitting, same problems for PC Rob Briar and Classic Briar: M4 Kill: "Pump action power!" (This should be moved to...
  14. Azukki

    New Resistances Categorized by Damage Type

    All the lists of the new resistances that I'm finding categorize by zeds. Here's one categorized by damage type, so you can focus on your particular attack, instead of a particular zed. This information is from a link simplecat posted, and partially double checked off of the spreadsheet...
  15. Azukki

    Rae Higgins: Steam Market Gives Name of Upcoming Character?

    https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/232090/Justice%20Helmet%20|%20Savage%20Red Posted later, after this thread:
  16. Azukki

    AK12 Fire Animation Barrel Recoil

    Category: Animation Reproducability: Always Summary: Shooting the AK, the barrel reciprocates, and it shouldn't. Description: When you fire the AK12, the barrel, front sight, gas block, and gas tube are not just wobbling, as they should, but they're very significantly reciprocating, as if it...
  17. Azukki

    Known KF2 Weapons Info

    SUPER OUTDATED I figured I'd make a thread to share the information I've gathered on the KF2 weapons and perks seen so far. It's a lot more than most people would care to read, much less figure out, so I've underlined the couple things that might actually be noteworthy. Some of these...
  18. Azukki

    Commando Trash Efficiency

    Since Commando can see health bars, it's easy to get a general sense about this, but I like to consider the numbers. This is a list of how many shots it takes to kill a zed with a particular weapon at level 6, overkill damage, and percent of last shot not needed. Hard: Bullpup/Head 1 shot...
  19. Azukki

    Improving the M4203

    So, the M4203 never sees a lot of use, and that's a shame, but not a surprise. The mere dozen grenades can't compete with the M79, and on Sui/HoE, the rifle aspect is crummy. M79+Flarevolver or M79+MK23 is better in many ways. Let's discuss how/if it should be improved to fix this. The...
  20. Azukki

    Shneidzekk Medic Gun

    How about a thread for discussing the new 'Zekk and how to best use it? -Expensive, 10000(1300 at 6*) -Lightweight, 3 -25(50) capacity -350 ammo -40 damage (enough to always decapitate crawlers/stalkers/clots/gorefasts/bloats with one headshot) -Really fast firing rate (every 0.063 seconds...