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    Suggestion to TWI: Video previews/trailers for the refinements and maps

    I'm going through and cutting down on number of YouTube subcriptions. I got to Tripwire's page (http://www.youtube.com/user/tripwireinteractive) and I noticed the most recent video for RO2 is from 5 months ago: the release trailer. In order to help start generating interest in the game again...
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    Please have a free weekend/sale.

    You fixed the game up a lot for me and now I really want to get back into it. Problem is, nearly every server under 150 ping is either empty or filled with 30 bots with 2-8 humans scattered between the teams. This is not fun to me. About the only exception is the [2.FJg] Tactical Realism #1...
  3. Graphic

    Last CPU optimization really hit the spot, but there's still one thing...

    With the last update I can play on 64 player servers no problem. Runs just like if there were 5 people on it. Awesome stuff and awesome work. There's still one nagging performance issue that I want to point out again, just to be sure TWI know: firing high ROF weapons stutters the game because...
  4. Graphic

    [Video] Why Red Orchestra 2 Isn't Popular

    Thought this deserved its own thread: Why Red Orchestra 2 Isn't Popular: - YouTube If you were expecting a wall of text and a soapbox speech, I'm sorry. Just funnies.
  5. Graphic

    Move the SUN on Pavlov's to make it perfect (MS Paint illustrations provided)

    This is a good map ever since the devs changed a few things with spawns and cover. One thing remains though: the strange positioning of the sun. Basically Russians looking out of any of the buildings towards the direction of the Germans are lit up like a Christmas tree. Germans looking out...
  6. Graphic

    Refund remaining artillery volleys if the coordinates become invalid

    There's nothing more frustrating than scoping out some really nice coordinates but only getting one shell to land because your team loses the current point. Now you have to wait 10 minutes. Also: think of ways to give the commander more commandery stuff to do.
  7. Graphic

    Please optimize Barracks next

    One of the best maps but also one of the worst running. Making this map smoother would greatly enhance my enjoyment of the game. Thanks in advance, T-Dub.
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    This is a Red Orchestra 2 forum. Not a Battlefield 3 forum.

    Just thought I'd remind everyone. Myself, most of all.
  9. Graphic

    Russians should have a button to start dancing

    Dances of the soldiers - YouTube
  10. Graphic

    RO2 won't launch half the time

    I've been having this problem since release and I'm finally starting to get really annoyed by it. Basically whenever I go to launch RO2, I have a 50/50 chance of it actually starting. Sometimes it launches fine. When it doesn't, the picture of the German guy will stay up forever with the...
  11. Graphic

    The music grew on me.

    Watching beta footage and then when I first played the game it just sounded like silly Princess Bride music. I did leave it on, though, with the volume on it severely reduced. Over the past few weeks I've grown to enjoy it quite a bit (some pieces do still sound like a a villain's entrance in...
  12. Graphic

    2:1 tank ratio on Commissar's House?

    This isn't about the tank's performance this time. The map is a lot better with the new spawn. Lots of fun usually. But has anyone else noticed that the Allies get 1 tank while the Axis get 2? Confirmed on multiple servers over multiple play sessions. Usually 32 players if that makes a...
  13. Graphic

    Double-tap lean key to roll while prone.

    I guess its thanks to Arma that keep getting the urge to roll while I'm prone. I'd love it. It's very useful.
  14. Graphic

    PPSh needs historical buffs now that the Mkb is here.

    Anyone who isn't completely biased will agree that the Allied team has issues. Map troubles, the impotent T-34, the team-stacking (including any player with a pinch of skill, if rumors are to be trusted), and even the uniform colors have all contributed to a pretty sad win ratio for the Allied...
  15. Graphic

    Are the 91/30 scoped and un-scoped versions intended to have different sounds?

    I doubt it. Same gun after all, just one has a scope on it. Both the scoped and un-scoped Kar98k rifles sound identical. That being the case, I think its proof that the normal 91/30 sound effect is bugged somehow, which is why its pretty weak with no "bang" in it. Fire the normal 91/30 to...
  16. Graphic

    [Error] Front-left speaker sometimes cuts out

    It seems totally random. And after it cuts out, it randomly makes popping noises. This is only in RO2 btw. On-board sound, Realtek drivers, 5.1, 5.1 speakers
  17. Graphic

    Commissar's House

    There have been threads about map imbalances in general, but this is a special case that deserves special attention. Its one of the most imbalanced maps I've ever played in a multiplayer FPS. If the Axis team has any inkling of how to play the game it will be nearly impossible to leave the...
  18. Graphic

    I don't like the lockdown timer.

    Bad idea IMO. It robs us of the opportunity to have drawn-out, epic stalemates like in RO1. It also makes reinforcements in TE pretty much a meaningless number. The penalty for taking too long to capture one objective should be the loss of precious reinforcement points. But right now...
  19. Graphic

    [Error] Class Progress unlock information showing for incorrect weapons.

    Starting with the Elite Rifleman class, every class selected will show its unlocks to be the unlocks for the class above it. Marksman unlocks show as enemy machine gun. Anti-Tank class unlocks show as scoped semi-auto weapons. Engineer shows its unlocks as satchel charges. etc. This has lead...