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  1. Beskar Mando

    Offensive Northern Sappers

    Very, very small mutator I made that changes out Northern Sappers to ones with Satchels and Grenades. (Only replaces these roles if the Northern Faction is attacking). Very simple and very small. Less than 50 lines of code, 6kb, and took me only a few minutes to make. I often find that mines are...
  2. Beskar Mando

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam: The Field Manual

    A rather extensive guide I started working on with a few others last year. It can be found here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=802991681
  3. Beskar Mando


    VNTE-DaNang GameType: Territories Objectives: Four Objective A: F4 Phantom Repair Hangar Objective B: Supply Dump Objective C: F4 Phantom Docks Objective D: Control Tower Environment: United States Airbase Lighting: Morning Overcast MapSize: Small-Medium Southern Faction: United States Army...
  4. Beskar Mando

    RO2 Santa Hat Mutator

    .ini .Upk and .U are downloadable Below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...Xc?usp=sharing Will probably be updated a bit. Adds Santa Hats & Russian / German Hero "Santa Suits" to the game. (Possibly more to come ;) .) Happy Holidays :) Installation Instructions: .ini: Move to...
  5. Beskar Mando

    Helicopter Coordination with Ground Forces

    This is a rehash from the alpha section from a post I made mid-August : (It's been edited a bit.)
  6. Beskar Mando

    Using a Grenade and taking out a Weapon

    Often in RO2's CQC I find my self chucking a grenade from a side of an entrance down a hallway only to have an enemy run up to me. When this happens assuming I haven't used all my grenades my character pulls out the second grenade and often I'm cursing myself because I then have to switch to a...
  7. Beskar Mando

    Objective Actors

    Assuming the game modes is going to be the same, and the use of Objective Actors is also the same. I have something to gripe about. Don't know if this was just overlooked in RO2's development or what? Still, for some reason, Lockdown times are editable for each instance of an objective actor...
  8. Beskar Mando

    Mutator Configuration User Interface

    More of a programming request/feature. Would it be possible to say add more to UI configuration for mutators than say just check boxes for booleans and sliders for integers and floats? Would it be possible to add more say like arrays and the like? I think it might be hardwired, because I cannot...
  9. Beskar Mando

    [WIP] WF-GareMaritime_Cherbourg

    This is a work in progress thread, and probably will only be pictures of well pictures, rulers, protractors, pencils, notes, maybe a photo map (and probably a **** ton of coffee..), and sketches for the next week or two. To get you started here's about a ream's worth of printed photos. Took...
  10. Beskar Mando

    Will we be able to burn foliage with the Flamethrower?

    I know that AMG at least played around with the idea, at least the source code says so. Out of curiosity would this be implemented into RS2? I know that it does raise some issues performance wise and gameplay wise, but was it considered?
  11. Beskar Mando

    Urban Battles of Vietnam

    Anyone think of any battles besides Saigon, and Hue?
  12. Beskar Mando

    [WIP] WF-Pointe Du Hoc

    Well I misplaced the original awhile back, so I'm redoing it from memory, and references I still have. While TWrecks adds some meshes to Makin, I'm going to restart this project, if anyone's interesting in helping, (I remember someone PMing me about it but I may have deleted the messages when...
  13. Beskar Mando

    AI Revamping

    So I decided to take a look into the AI. To say it bluntly, good job TWI (Ramm), I'm impressed, 30,000-40,000 lines of code. I plan on making a mutator that modifies and or adds some stuff, first I have to understand it all...
  14. Beskar Mando

    Ballistics and Sights

    Out of curiosity, how did TWI line up sights with ballistic trajectories? Also asking because I'm not 100% sure, and I have a few weapons that need calibration. On a guess, I think TWI didn't make them 100% accurate with real-world physics, which is one reason I'm asking.
  15. Beskar Mando

    Mutator that creates a separate log?

    Would it be possible for a mutator to save/make an individual log file, rather than the generic one for the entire game?
  16. Beskar Mando

    How to Extract Custom assets from Custom Maps?

    Title^ Any Ideas?
  17. Beskar Mando

    Intramuros Map?

    I found some Static meshes awhile ago, not sure if they were ever used in the pre-alpha/alpha. Finally decided to ask this question, were there plans for a map, was any progress made? What happened, and Why did you leave these in the .upks for modders? bunch of Intramuros (Manila) props. Two...
  18. Beskar Mando

    Manitee/Kismet Problem

    So I've been working on a target practice map (for the Public and 2RB) But I've been having a problem. here's the kismet Setup. (not shown is the hit event kismet portion) 1. Target Setup Works 2. The movement Matinee works, on entering the trigger volume. 3. What Doesn't work is exiting the...
  19. Beskar Mando

    RS Rising Storm Vehicle Mod

    ========Pacific Armor======== ---Modders--- - AAZ - Modeling and Animations - Beskar Mando - Coding - RandomPerson - Coding, light Modeling, & Light Animating Goals To implement content for Rising Storm pertaining to and content related to Vehicles Planned Content: Content Subject to Change...
  20. Beskar Mando

    Will Bots use RO2/RS's Cover system?

    I really hope AMG learns from RO2 and RS and doesn't use it, but out of speculation, what do you think?