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  1. Zetsumei

    RO2 Serverlogs needed to tweak reinf etc for maps

    Hello everybody, For tweaking and seeing if maps are unbalanced or not for future RO2 updates we need more serverlogs from servers (especially when busy etc). To see if maps are relatively balanced so maps that are not can after that be investigated. It would be appreciated if you could send...
  2. Zetsumei

    New Testers needed for future RO2/RS Content

    Hello Everybody, As you might know Antimatter Games is working hard on future updates for the Red Orchestra franchise. To be able to make sure that content released for the updates play well, and to make sure that in special bug hunts we didn't miss some bugs especially ones with a lot of...
  3. Zetsumei

    RO2 New Testers needed for future RO2/RS Content

    Hello Everybody, As you might know Antimatter Games is working hard on future updates for the Red Orchestra franchise. To be able to make sure that content released for the updates plays well, and to make sure that in special bug hunts we didn't miss some bugs especially ones with a lot of...
  4. Zetsumei

    Want info on the can't get up from prone issue

    Hello everybody, Every month or so I go through this section on the forums and find people complaining about the unable to standup from prone bug. Where you essentially are prone, then press the button to stand up but immediately afterwards go prone again. Personally I still cannot get this...
  5. Zetsumei

    Squadleader losing his tactical view icons

    I think all squadleaders have had it at some point that the tactical overview breaks. Personally for me this issue has been quite a while so I would like to get some help in obtaining info on this. Is the entire hud dead or only the tactical overlay (is the stance indicator and stamina bar...
  6. Zetsumei

    T posed models gliding along the ground

    Hello All, I'm trying to get some more ground on an bug which got people without a gun and then when going into cover or out of cover moving along the ground in a T-pose (laying flat on the ground with arms pointing sideways). If you've seen the issue do you know on what maps it happened, and...
  7. Zetsumei

    RS People needed to help play test future RS content.

    Hello regular forum goers ^^. As you guys might know [AMG] or anti matter games or RS team, is working on future goodies for Rising Storm. And to make sure that those future goodies are fun we need to play maps from a very early stage with a nice group of people. For that we need people that...
  8. Zetsumei

    Do you think that the game modes should be renamed?

    With recent discussions about the naming of the game modes, I just wondered what you guys think. (This is in no way an official poll or anything just something I wonder about myself). Do you think that the game modes should be renamed: Yes - Classic needs to be renamed Yes - Realism needs to be...
  9. Zetsumei

    The password is off the RSBeta test server atm so join on in!

    For now the password has been removed off the server so remember to join in ;). Will post when it goes off again. Next test is friday at 3pm EDT, 8pm BST, 9pm CEST
  10. Zetsumei

    When should you be allowed to zoom

    Here is a small poll about when you think that you should be allowed to zoom. What functionality of zoom would you prefer 1. you should always be able to zoom manually even when moving. (like in for instance arma2) 2. you should only be allowed to zoom manually when standing still (like for...
  11. Zetsumei

    Your top 5 of new content that you would want.

    I thought it would be interesting for people to post what would be the top 5 most wanted additions for them for the game. Here's mine 1: Ability for clients to record demos (not serverside demos) 2: Ability to manually zoom & possibly zoom everytime everywhere. 3: 3d voip - to improve the...
  12. Zetsumei

    [Fix] I have a mod/mut installed and my game does not work with the new patch.

    Some of you might have some custom content installed for Red Orchestra2, and see that RO2 does not work anymore since the big update patch. The Solution is simple, disable the custom content causing issues until an updated version is out. An easy temporary solution is simply going to...
  13. Zetsumei

    All RO game modes, allow people to disable autodeploy

    This is a simple poll about something that has somewhat annoyed me since the release of HOS. When going prone with a deployable weapon you automatically deploy. Do you think that players should be allowed to choose between automatically deploying and manually deploying?
  14. Zetsumei

    Ping Compensation the UTComp3 way

    Now I was wondering since a lot of people want ping compensation (serverside) and a lot of people hate ping compensation. Why not possibly think of doing it the UTComp3 way. UTComp3 was a mutator for Unreal Tournament 3 that had ping compensation in it. Where the users could select in an ini...
  15. Zetsumei

    Relaunch when everybody is happy

    While I don't know how something like this can actually be pulled off, but would it be possible to do a relaunch once ROHOS is how it should be. Most reviews for the game are pretty bad, most word of mouth regarding the game on other forums is pretty bad. Overall the outside image for RO2 is...
  16. Zetsumei

    Inverse free aim option

    Currently when you go in iron sight there is free aim. In the current implementation that means the gun moves quicker than your screen (till it hits the movement boundary). my suggestion is to optionally have an inverse free aim option where the gun moves slower than your screen (till it hits...
  17. Zetsumei

    My RO2 wishlist, what is yours?

    This thread is there to showcase the wishlists of different people for RO2, just to get an idea what other people would like to see. To start of here is my personal wishlist: Bolt action rifles I'd like to see a higher ratio of bolt action rifles, but not necessarily only by forcing it. I...
  18. Zetsumei

    Competitive match live stream PT vs Swede

    In a few minutes FieldsOfBlue will broadcast the countdown match between PT and Swede. You can watch the match live on own3d.tv. The match will be uploaded to RO:Ladder's youtube channel later on, in case you can't watch the live stream. While its on short notice, be there, don't miss that...
  19. Zetsumei

    Size based balance

    Since regarding weaponry the US will be having perhaps stronger weaponry, why not make the japanese a bit smaller than the us. If hurdles than cover could be overcome then being a smaller target could give the japanese team a slight advatage over the us.
  20. Zetsumei

    General Annoyances Compilation

    Last edited the 20th of september I'm trying to keep a list up to date of general annoyances I might have missed a think or two so be sure to reply. This is not so much for real ideas and suggestions but more about smaller tweaks. Graphical based friendly player names can block your vision in...