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  1. Yoshiro

    Takeover bug

    @hegyeri Any chance we can get logs and config file from your servers that have experienced this (logs from a time where it has happened)?
  2. Yoshiro

    New update is very unstable

    On PC we are not seeing a higher than normal crash rate.
  3. Yoshiro

    Tripwire Interactive Merch Store - Soft Launch

    The store currently has a sale on shirts going on if you use the code: HOWL This will knock $5 off a normally priced shirt.
  4. Yoshiro

    play as alligator

    At launch we will have only our ... slightly special... bull shark as the star of the show. But if the game catches on we do have some ideas for adding both more wildlife to find as well as potentially be.
  5. Yoshiro

    How to disable locomotion vignette?

    Sorry for the late reply here, both me and the party I pinged ended up sick the last day or so. The answer I'm told is: It's the "Control Theater [On/Off]" option in the settings.
  6. Yoshiro

    Killing Floor 2 Grim Treatments Update Is Now Live!

    We are investigating some purchase issues on Xbox. Please file a ticket on support.killingfloor2.com
  7. Yoshiro

    How to disable locomotion vignette?

    Pinged this over to the right people.
  8. Yoshiro

    Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

    Nothing I can pass along just yet.
  9. Yoshiro

    Someone hacked into my dedicated server

    Are you sure your server wasn't in a server takeover state? In theory if it was password protected it shouldn't be. At this time we are unaware of any vulnerabilities that would allow for something like what you describe without the person already having your admin account info.
  10. Yoshiro

    Abomination bug

    Thanks @simplecat ! Passing along to QA
  11. Yoshiro

    Tripwire Interactive Merch Store - Soft Launch

    There are not, all of those we had either went to events or were snatched up by staff over the years. But I do have the design files used to create the logo shirts.
  12. Yoshiro

    Abomination bug

    This is something that has been on our list and we've been working to narrow down an exact repro.
  13. Yoshiro

    Tripwire Interactive Merch Store - Soft Launch

    Chibi Fleshpound and Bat Cat Volume 1 have taken the early lead! (in actual sales)
  14. Yoshiro

    New update crashing ps4

    We believe we've found the cause of almost all the instability and matchmaking issues and are working on fixes. In the mean time we have applied a temp workaround for servers and detailed which items we know will cause a crash. You can find out more here...
  15. Yoshiro

    PSA: Known Console Crash and matchmaking issue (with workarounds)

    Updated this post with new information.
  16. Yoshiro

    Unable to find match

    We believe we've found the main cause of this. While we work on a fix for the root cause we've got a workaround in play that should make it much more likely that players will find a match.
  17. Yoshiro

    Unable to find match

    In all modes?
  18. Yoshiro

    Unable to find match

    Thank you for the information.
  19. Yoshiro

    Unable to find match

    Can you try changing your region and see what happens? We are investigating this issue. Also what region are you currently set to? And on which console?
  20. Yoshiro

    Game crashes

    I've asked our QA team to see if they can reproduce your situation.