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  1. missing_trigger

    Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

    We already has an option to change sight mode in options, TWI could leave it there.
  2. missing_trigger

    Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

    "Characters sold poorly.", yet people (including me) constantly ask for them, weird, isn't it? "Apparently, guns aren't faring better." - doesn't looks like it's true, I often (as much as I play this game these days) see atleast one player with dlc weapons (excluding Zwei), but granted, maybe...
  3. missing_trigger

    Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

    Seriosuly, instead of selling new weapons, TWI could sell skins(I mean new models) for HRG weapons. If they looks good (not like Rhino or this new garbade Glocks) I would buy them in a heartbeat, even for 10$, Edit: Please, do not insult Auto 9 like that, it looks 1000 times better than glocks.
  4. missing_trigger

    Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

    This is the most ugliest Glock I've ever seen, good job.
  5. missing_trigger

    Merc Report - Improving Field Conditions

    Riot shield should "somehow" do it too then.
  6. missing_trigger

    Merc Report - Improving Field Conditions

    I still want an option for Health Numbers instead of Health Bar.
  7. missing_trigger

    Request - Allow Custom Materials in UPK files

    Also custom music in map "dynamic music, not just music on all map" would be FINALLY nice. Please TWI, show us that you "give a little damn" atleast about this.
  8. missing_trigger

    [WIP] KF-Blood_Covenant

    Would be much better if you post it on workshop, so we can test it on the servers. And for the love of god, please, port Roman arena for Killing Floor 2...
  9. missing_trigger

    Firebug DLC weapon: Suomi KP/-31 with a underbarrel Flamethrower

    AR-15 for SWAT would be as very niche and obscure as it gets.
  10. missing_trigger

    Firebug DLC weapon: Suomi KP/-31 with a underbarrel Flamethrower

    I personally think that Firebug has enough bullet based weapons(for now atleast), I wanna see them trying to buff mac 10 first. The more I play with HRG 16, the more I wanna see M202 FLASH or XM-25, both can be crossperked with demo. XM-25 is crazy weapon that TWI could make work with MORE THAN...
  11. missing_trigger

    Four things

    @Yoshiro I mean how much characters are avaliable for purchase? Two? Well, ofc it's not gonna "do well" when there's little to no variety.
  12. missing_trigger

    Neon Nightmares Beta 2 Is Now Live!

    Why Pulverizer still doesn't work with Mad Bomber?
  13. missing_trigger

    Support DLC weapon - PKM + Scorpion ammo backpack

    I want more real guns, especially better LMG ofc, but for support? That's just... silly
  14. missing_trigger

    More block/parry guns

    Idk, I just refuse to do that with any perk but Zerk.
  15. missing_trigger

    ive been playing kf2 for about 2 years and i was just wondering why we never get new weekly items.

    I never played Fortnite and frankly, never plan to, but "Fotnite bad" is such a weak argument especially talking about Killing Floor 2.
  16. missing_trigger

    New variant zed

    It's called gunpound, and I don't mind it, as long as it's not annoying.
  17. missing_trigger

    What We Are Up To - A Piercing Freeze

    But we already know it will
  18. missing_trigger

    2019 Xmas update was a turn off

    "Turn off" started long ago...