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  1. ForrestMarkX

    Fire FX is no longer properly attached to the ZED's body

    This happens with all effects, this includes medic healing and toxic effects. It seems that either the socket the emitter is linking to is broken or it's getting a relative position set that is incorrect
  2. ForrestMarkX

    Weapon firing issue with collision

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: If you fire close to a solid object your projectile will either not spawn or fly nowhere close to the center of your screen Description: If you fire your weapon and if you are close to a player (Collision on and off doesn't matter) or any solid...
  3. ForrestMarkX

    Client/Server ammo desync

    It started forever ago, so no specific version
  4. ForrestMarkX

    Client/Server ammo desync

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Sometimes Summary: Ammo desync with projectile weapons causes issues Description: There has been a issue going on for a very long time that has plagued users who use projectile based weapons such as the Demo. It seems that at times the ammo can become desynced...
  5. ForrestMarkX

    Mod/Map setup for Main Menu mod

    This a tutorial for mappers and modders to enable there mods to work with the main menu replacment that I am working on. These will not affect your map or mod in anyway in the default game as the values are only read from my main menu. Maps This one is rather simple, my mod will automatically...
  6. ForrestMarkX

    KFMutatorSummary code recommendation

    I noticed that players are required to manually add a KFMutatorSummary to there KFGame.ini for a mutator to appear in the GUI. I created some code that will do this automatically for them when running the mutator once. I recommend adding this code into KFMutator so that all mutators will...
  7. ForrestMarkX

    KFMutatorSummary localization error

    FriendlyName and Description are localized strings which makes them completely useless as the localizations will have to be added into KFGame.int which really isn't a wise idea to do as any update or verify cache would overwrite the file.
  8. ForrestMarkX

    Current Known Mod Support Requests

    Custom Material Compiling Custom materials can't be compiled ingame due to KFGame.exe being compiled with -NOEDITOR. This prevents modders from being able to create things that needs a custom material. A good example of this was a 3D UI system I was making for damage numbers, I can't use a...