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  1. ®omano

    Fresh server default map list issue

    This problem has been in KF since forever, it is a little annoyance easily fixed. The default map list is wrong for two maps, BioticsLab and PowerCore_Holdout, their name isn't written correctly in default map list, you can easily see that by installing and starting a fresh server, enable web...
  2. ®omano

    End game freeze for 30 seconds

    When you finish a game, the end game screen freezes for 30 seconds, music still playing in the background but video is completely frozen, on the second yellow box of the personal achievements, sometimes the third one can appear before it freezes but this is consistent and has been verified with...
  3. ®omano

    Random server crash when playing

    There is an issue plaguing dedicated server since a few month, a few updates back, maybe more, but I noticed since the last map contest announcement that there was random server crashes, which I never seen before. They are always the same kind. Here is the first post I made about the issue...
  4. ®omano

    Workshop for server excessive disk activity

    Opening a thread from this post https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?threads/custom-map-install-issue.2332116/page-2#post-2335155 The Workshop for server checks items status every 60 seconds, and it seems to READ a lot for that, which makes no sense to me, it may result in...
  5. ®omano

    New update is very unstable

    Three matches, 2 crashes. One client crashes (3/6 people crashed at same time), one server crash where it automatically restarted on default map and game mode.
  6. ®omano

    Very old issue during game launch

    It's been a VERY LONG TIME that this issue is in the game, and it is getting worse with every update. When you start the game, you have the splash screen which take a fair amount of time before opening the actual game window (it's OK, I have SSD so I don't care for the suffering pleb with HDD...
  7. ®omano

    Weird game bahaviour, sometimes

    I recently had new issues with the game, it sometimes fails to load some random things at game start, and then there are random bug appearing because of that, depending on what failed to load at start: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599902533 Here is an example that I...
  8. ®omano

    Santa Workshop map had all doors opened at wave 1

    I loaded up the game, started a SantaWorkshop Suicidal Short solo game, switched perk to Commando level 25, and at game start, I noticed the boss room door was opened, but with the floating ribbon, and I could play inside the boss room for wave 1, and navigate the entire map actually because all...
  9. ®omano

    Whitelisted mutator got unranked in these conditions

    White listed mutator is unranked in these conditions: 1 / Install the mutator with Steam Workshop for Server. Load mutator after installation and server restart. Server is unranked with a supposedly white listed mutator. You need to have the mutator NOT installed with the server workshop...
  10. ®omano

    Audio from previous map continue playing on consecutive maps

    Sometimes you have audio from previous map (like at the end of previous map, you had the heart beat sound effet, or the 'clot grab' sound effect before it end, then the sound effect loops at game end, and is 'transported' to the next map, and will not stop playing, you need to restart game for...
  11. ®omano

    People breaking servers [Old bug from RO 2 never fixed]

    RS 2 has the same bug RO 2 had, which never was fixed (actually 'fixed' before people found the new way to bypass the max players difference) where people break the team balance, then the whole server team balance is messed up forever, and server balance teams like 24 on a side and 33 on the...
  12. ®omano

    Boss DEATH freezes the game since Tragic Kingdom Update

    As title says, since the tragic Kingdom update, when the boss dies, the game freezes (only image) for a short period of time, but since last update, everytime the boss is killed, I have like 3 to 6 seconds of freeze. Some other friends do not have anything like that, but I'm confident I'm not...
  13. ®omano

    Grenad throw animation stuck

    I have no repro for this bug, but it happens often for me. I always play as Scout, and have smoke grenades, and often when I throw them, I get stuck like that https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1531221867 all the time and can't switch weapon, can't throw grenade, and can only...
  14. ®omano

    Emotes are messed up

    Often you see people doing emotes (not the default one) and you see their dual pistol flying around them during animation. Don't have a list of emote nor a list of weapons where it breaks, have fun going through all of them QA. Tip: look for emotes series 2
  15. ®omano

    Daily Challenges change every time I load into a game or go back to menu

    Category: Code/Network Reproducibility: Look at your daily challenges, load into a corresponding game, now in game look at your dailies again, see them changed from what they were before loading into the game. Description: Title says it all. I boot my game, look at my daily challenges, prepare...
  16. ®omano

    Forum now has skins

    You can change the forum skin since recently (I just noticed it), there is a dropdown selectable list at bottom left of the forum, where you can select a Killing Floor 2 theme, a Rising Storm Vietnam, or a default TWI skin. Skins look good.
  17. ®omano

    kick vote count bug

    Kick voting in the current beta while being dead: 12M appears instead of the vote count. See screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...?id=1393674433
  18. ®omano

    C4 now messed up

    Since last update, C4 has been moved to the TOOLS like welder or syringe.. first this is wrong and is very annoying to switch between your perk weapons as DEMO, you can't trigger zed time and switch to C4 in time for some good old Nukes.. Also when you have C4 in hands, and heal, then you get...
  19. ®omano

    Joining a friend online from solo offline game results in matchmaking missmatch

    I was in a normal short game in solo offline (not matchmaking I never use that), and when I finished the game I wanted to join a friend online in a long HOE game, I opened steam overlay and clicked 'Join' on my friend name in friend list, but I had the 'mismatch difficulty' error message when...
  20. ®omano

    Alpha clot still have its small bell sound

    Today I played some local game and Alpha clots still had their small bell from Krampus/Christmas update sound when they walk.