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  1. pie1055

    KFAISpawnManager.GetNextSpawnTimeMod() returns an int

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: The function definition GetNextSpawnTimeMod() in the class KFAISpawnManager returns a float but the actual return line uses Max() instead of FMax() so the value gets truncated and fractional information is lost, possibly throwing other math off...
  2. pie1055

    Non-Primary weapons/equipment disappearing during gameplay

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Unable to reproduce(reliably) Summary: During gameplay all knives, pistols, and medic syringe/welder disappear from inventory and become unable to be selected, even with the quick-heal shortcut. Trying to select them shows the category but with no items within as...
  3. pie1055

    2 QoL requests

    1: Increase map selection window size(pictured below). Minor, but the selection window could be expanded to show more maps at once. KF2 has gotten quite a few maps since release and the ol' selection window is starting to require more and more scrolling to find maps even if you only have the...
  4. pie1055

    Code Dead achievement failing to trigger

    Unlocking this achievement appears to be bugged. The description for it currently reads, "Complete DieSector wave 25 on Endless Suicidal difficulty". I've played DieSector on the endless game mode on suicidal difficulty in solo mode once from wave 1-26 and a second time from wave 1-31 with an...
  5. pie1055

    [Game mode] Fiesta v1.0

    Finally reached v1.0 on this sucker. Fiesta is a modified survival game mode that mixes things up every wave with 15 wave modifiers. Zeds might split in two instead of dying, A ghost might start chasing after players, or the skies might tear open and begin raining money from on high. I hope...
  6. pie1055

    Changing/replacing what weapons spawn on the map?

    As part of a game mode I'm working on I'm attempting to modify what weapons spawn on maps but have come to a roadblock of sorts. My main question is how this should be done? Below are what I've tried and why, in case of TL;DR. Far as I can tell, the weapons and armor chosen to spawn on the map...
  7. pie1055

    [Mutator] Vanilla KF Rebalance Mutator; DRF

    Directive: DRF is a re-balancing of Killing Floor to make weapons and perks equally viable as well as leveling the field a bit in terms of difficulty. It was done with the intent of keeping strategies and tactics intact whilst also strengthening theming (Sharps focus on headshotting HVTs...
  8. pie1055

    Trader Favorite Button Doesn't Work

    "Favoriting" weapons doesn't seem to work for me. I select a weapon in the buy section, click the "Favorite" button (which then changes to "Un-Favorite") but it doesn't show up in the favorites tab. I've also tried other methods such as exiting the trader or buying the weapon after clicking...
  9. pie1055

    [Help] Modifying flashlight properties?

    Been toying around with the idea of a flashlight that is normally dim and near-worthless, but brightens or otherwise identifies zeds when it shines upon them (and simultaneously signals when a bullet shot would indeed hit something). Found a "Effect_TacLightGlow" class that has...
  10. pie1055


    This forum needs more Scarke.
  11. pie1055

    [Weapon] Fleshpounders

    Finally, first version to be released to the public. This is still in beta so a few things will be unfinished and others still need to be polished. If you want to modify these I only ask that you at least notify me and rename the files to avoid server mismatch errors. Anyways the...
  12. pie1055

    [help]rotating animation problem

    I'm working on animating a weapon and I've come across something I cant find the answer for. I've already gotten several animations in and working the way I want them to, but this one eludes me. What this animation is attempting to do is spin objects that are attached/linked to a parent which...
  13. pie1055

    Why all the hate on the Claymore Sword?

    Sometimes I wonder if Claymore haters just never used it enough, but whats with all the beef? Slow swing speed? Is that the reason? There must be something that makes people think this weapon is underpowered, but I just don't get it. It's not like because the Claymore costs a little more and...
  14. pie1055

    Dear Tripwire...

  15. pie1055

    New Zerker Weapon WIP

    Le gallery: 1st version- just a model and texture I finally finished with my newbie modeling skills. I may or may not get this into KF on my own time but I was wondering what you guys think. If you're interested I figure I could get crackin' on actually developing a weapon mutator for it and...