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  1. utek


    Taken from the RS2 trello roadmap: "We are currently investigating new navmesh techniques which would potentially allow us to re-introduce bots to the game further down the line (bots are NOT supported with 1.08), along with new actions which bots would be able to carry out. This does not work...
  2. utek

    TW Community Repot

    When will you make more those videos?
  3. utek

    With more and more maps coming up,i think we need something like this...

    ...a map vote menu with pictures: https://imgur.com/a/bf5s4uY ( i didn't had Vietnam panorama pics,so i used those from RO2,but you get the idea) so even with my 500 hours of gameplay i sometimes forget which map is which,now imagine how new players feel. the map vote menu we currently have...
  4. utek

    the HUD

    do you like current one? i don't to me the objective icons and the whole HUD is kinda meh...weird looking(the bird and star),cluttered,too big and confusing. i would like to see a more clean,minimalistic,simple look. something like this: instead of this(beta5): some more examples...
  5. utek

    let's talk about suppression

    on what you like / dont like in the current closed beta(still work in progress),and what kind / type of suppression effect would you like to see in Rising Storm 2 Vietnam?! what i dont like in the current BETA: * heartbeat sound : https://youtu.be/-EbjpLP1SOI?t=3m50s ,it's annoying just like...
  6. utek

    some small grenadier HUD/UI changes

    for me is sometimes kind of hard to tell which grenade i have loaded in my M79 grenade launcher,even harder when you pick it up from a dead GI.so i came up with some small HUD/UI changes. something like this(utek): instead of this(closed beta): new grenade icon idea: remove the current...
  7. utek

    do you like tattoos in RS2?

    for me some of them are way over the top,too big,and they just don't fit in the Vietnam War theme for my taste...http://imgur.com/MI8CyHp a small,subtile,old school tattoo,sure why not... http://imgur.com/Ahl2JrI so how do you think about tattoos ? and also the GI need this,as a cosmetic...
  8. utek


    so when will the "big news" hype train roll out?! ;)
  9. utek

    KONG-good timing!

    so i saw the new Kong-skull island trailer,and the whole time through it,i was like: *huey helicopters...yep RS2 will have that. *M60,ammo belts,M16...yep RS2 will have that. *beautiful dense jungle,fire,explosions,...yep RS2 will have that. *a flamethrower...yep RS2 will have that. *cool black...
  10. utek

    icons instead of text?

    so the BETA is out,now we can talk more openly about RS2 Vietnam. you improved the bleeding system a lot, i really like the slow fade into black when you bleed. this way you know exactly how much time you have left,until you die. And that way you can choose: stay in the fight for a little bit...
  11. utek

    the collector's edition

    will there be one? many games have it,but most of them give you some plastic crap,a art book, the game in a steel box and some other small things. so how about something different for RS2-Vietnam,like... *a Vietnam war helmet replica with signatures of the developers:helmet *the game in a...
  12. utek

    some stuff you can learn/take from INSURGENCY

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIbBbhbE4rE So INSURGENCY is for me,one of the best FPS out there,and it does many things right, some big and some small gameplay things,that can be improved and then implemented to RS2-Vietnam,to make it even a better game. :) * a nice clean and minimalistic...
  13. utek

    what kind of ammo/mag. check mechanic will RS2 have?

    A.) like in RO2/Rising Storm,with a text? : "magazine is half empty" B.) like in Escape from Tarkov,with a number?: "59" https://youtu.be/MmklF4az0pE?t=1m39s C.) like in this mod,with a magazine icon?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtD7BIvg508 or D.) something completely different, new and...
  14. utek

    don't screw this up...

    ...like you did with RO2 with all this weapon unlock/rare prototype/level up bonuses bull**** :rolleyes: (but keep the visual character progression :cool:) and for the love of god,dont split the community with different game modes,... one game mode only,no realism no classic and no action...
  15. utek

    New guys,if you play as a Russian,DONT shoot this dude...

    ... ...he's also a Russian ,but he's just wearing his fancy winter hero pajama:p;):)so dont kill him...and if you do teamkill him,just type in "sorry" and everything will be alright:cool: welcome to Red Orchestra and have fun...and dont forget to try Classic mode:D
  16. utek

    Merry Christmas

    ...and a happy new year everyone!:)
  17. utek

    For a Better CLASSIC mode

    Dear Tripwire i think,that this improvnents are not so hard to make/implement,because some of them are alredy ingame in Realism Mode, the point for(bayonets,MG,scopes,ppsh mag,...)and you dont need to make new animations and stuff. a name and description change,Classic sound...
  18. utek

    Haha so many new funny guys.

    its really hilarious to watch them how they,get shoot one by one,when they sit by the window,trying to spot someone.and they want to run on open ground,and then wonder why they got killed so fast...heheh and they are curious like little kids,when they test grenades and bayonets on team mates...
  19. utek

    CLASSIC mode attachments/unlocks?!

    i hope that this time,we Classic players,don't get screwed over again,in RISING STORM with bayonets always ON,or BAR bipod always ON,and same for all other weapons...let us choose if we want attachments or not :) i suggest something like this for the Thomson smg in RS classic mode: 20 rounds...