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    New update on the next update

    Since it's not in the forums yet here's some new info http://steamcommunity.com/games/232090/announcements/detail/231152900029924652
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    Commando and SCAR

    Okay folks let's talk about the Commando again I know you love it :3 According to THE NUMBERS, Medic's assault rifle only does 17 % less damage per second than SCAR. Interestingly enough, it also does 20 % more damage per mag than the SCAR, so higher burst damages. Medic AR also has 30 rounds...
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    Bullet speeds

    Guns in KF2 seem to use projectiles instead of being hitscan weapons, even rifles and pistols. The bullet travel times are very small and hit detection works well, but the projectiles are still easily noticeable. Personally I think the bullet speeds seem a wee bit low, and I kind of feel like I...
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    FP rage mechanics

    I'd like to know the general opinion on this. In KF1 fleshpounds raged spontaneously if they saw a player for over 10(?) secs without getting to hit them (+ when damaged of course). In KF2 FPs rage spontaneously around every 10 seconds and calm down in around 10 seconds regardless of hitting...
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    PSA: Get your mouse settings right

    By default the mouse configuration in KF2 is lacking for most people. Here's a simple how-to to get everything right (or as far as it's possible currently). Before starting you need to open the config file the mouse settings are in: Open up an explorer window (you know, any folder on your...
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    What do you think about clots?

    So far I've been liking the new zed models and movesets so this is kind of nitpicking. It's about the clot, I think he should be removed from the game. Now, before you start hating me consider the situation: The original clot was split up into the cyst, who's an adorable version of the...
  7. M

    KF2 released - servers filled

    Yup, it's out now lads! So far things haven't worked so well, apparently every single server is full. What are your experiences, folks? BTW we should have had the public beta I've been hoping for :/ Would probably have prevented those server issues.
  8. M

    Mouse config changed when entering controls menu

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: If you edit your mouse sensitivity using the config files (for more accurate results) the value gets reset to a value the slider can show every time you exit the menu. Description: If you use the MouseSensitivity setting in KFInput.ini to...
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    Public beta

    I figure it would make sense to have the beta made public at some point if they really want to test the network. Thoughts? E: I mean test the servers with full load so everything works when the paid EA customers hop in
  10. M

    Mouse input

    since I have nothing better to do I have now created this thread to raise awareness of the apparently very bad mouse input options in the game uno: the sensitivity slider doesn't go low enough. low enough sensitivity is a crucial option to have for some people dos: it's been reported the game...
  11. M

    Ask questions from beta players

    In this thread we ask a bunch of questions about KF2 from the privileged among us and hopefully receive honest answers Here's what I'd like to know personally: 1) Do all the guns feel as satisfying as in KF1? Some shotguns and ARs seem to have that peashooter vibe but I can't tell for sure...
  12. M

    Does anybody like the new Scrake design?

    There are some designs in KF2 I don't like very much (the new mr. Foster LargeMcHuge, the new FP) and some I like more (crawlers) but the one that's really bothering me is the scrake. The scrake used to look cold and threatening, but still calm and almost human. Like he was the only zed that...
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    I want KF2

    I want KF2
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    The new DLC?

    So there is a new DLC on the way, right? Any news on that? I understood it should have been released last month already...
  15. M

    How many hours have you played?

    I dunno if there's been a similar thread before, and I think it'd be interesting to know: How many hours have you forum folks spent with the game? I'll start, with a healthy 500+ hrs :D