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    Show "Last Player Standing" notification to the last remaining player

    When a dead player is spectating their remaining teammates, and only one player is left, a popup appears on the screen saying as much and the character sometimes says a dialogue line about it; these notifications aren't visible to the remaining active player. It would be helpful to know if...
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    Is Armor worth it?

    With the amount of chip damage in the game it rarely seems like a good idea to buy armor. By the time the large zeds arrive in a wave the armor is mostly gone, and gets depleted in a single hit (which is survivable anyway). It seems like the only scenario where it comes into play is if you're...
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    How do you tell what boss is coming up?

    I was under the impression the boss coming up was supposed be a surprise for the last wave, but twice now I've had teammates say "X boss is coming up" and they were correct (NOTE: I haven't had a teammate say 'X boss is coming up' and have them be wrong). Is there a way to tell which boss is...
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    "Iron Sights (Hold)" doesn't always bring up iron sights when held

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: If "Iron Sights (Hold)" is selected, holding down aim doesn't cause the mode to change if the button is initially clicked during certain actions Description: 1. Make sure "Iron Sights (Hold)" is mapped to a button (in my case I mapped it to...
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    Dropped weapon UI marker

    I find after a player dies, their weapon gets thrown and is difficult to find - this is the case also when you die and are trying to quickly find your weapon. Having a UI element hovering over the dropped weapon would be helpful (only appearing when the player is close). Additional information...
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    Getting grabbed by a clot during the Abomination's suction ability causes permanent movement loss

    Category: Code Reproducibility: It just happened, so I only got it once. Summary: If a clot grabs you during the Abomination's suction ability, when they are both off you can no longer move. Description: I'm not 100% sure of the exact steps (as it happened quickly), but it seems to be a...
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    Achievement for collecting all items on Sanitarium is given even though they are not all collected.

    Category: Code, Level Scripts Reproducibility: 100% (1/1) Summary: I was awarded the achievement for finding all the collectables on Sanitarium, but I found one more afterwards. Description: My team found the collectables (I'd found one to contribute to the initial achievement unlock), then...
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    Survivalists can't earn Berzerker or SWAT XP

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: As a Survialist, a player can't get XP for Berzerker or SWAT even though their weapons were used. (A player might also not be able to get Sharpshooter XP). Description: A Survivalist can't get XP when the "Kill a zed near another player with a...
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    Thoughts on the weapon pickup mechanic

    The mechanic of picking up a fallen ally's weapon mid-wave to either fight on with it or save it for their respawn is a cool idea, but I rarely see it get utilized. When I attempt it, I find the "drop your weapon to pick up their weapon" logic often doesn't work because the new weapon might be...
  10. R

    Apply Zed-Time reload skills for in-progress reloading

    It seems a bit strange where you start a reload, then zed time starts, but the zed time reload bonus doesn't kick in for the reload - you have to cancel out of the reload (with a melee, etc) and press reload again to get the full effect. It's would be more intuitive if the remaining time in the...
  11. R

    Uses for Lockdown skill?

    Does anyone use the Survivalist's "Lockdown" zed-time skill? I don't see the value in doubling incapacitation effects since zed time already slows them down. It's easy to get headshots, so it seems like they'd die before the incapacitation would take effect. Is it useful for Fleshpounds or...
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    Show weight on equipped and dropped weapons

    I think it would be a good quality-of-life improvement if the weights of equipped weapons, as well as those on the ground, were displayed. As it is, I have to keep dropping weapons until I have enough space to pick one up - it's easy to do for the starting weapons lying around (as they're...