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  1. BD38

    Glock 18 & Riot Shield usefullness

    If you aren't mobile you will be dead pretty quick. Especially with enraged Zeds on Suicide and above. Greetings
  2. BD38

    Glock 18 & Riot Shield usefullness

    The hipfire Spread is close to being shotgun spread. I know it's "uncontrollable" irl, but this is laughable. I maybe wasn't precise on my wording, because I didn't meant to imply that the G18C has not enough damage per shot, because the ROF is great, just like most other SMGs. My primary...
  3. BD38

    Glock 18 & Riot Shield usefullness

    I tried the G18 & Riot combo in the beta and now it has been officially released. I'm kinda confused on what this combination is good for. On the one hand it's fun to use on SP, especially when upgraded, but I tired it on public too (suicidal) and it was rather underwhelming! The spread is...
  4. BD38

    The MAT-49. Model and animation inaccuracies.

    Watch the video, it's worth the time. And I know the version you are talking about. It was more likely to seen an M3A1 fielded in 'Nam then a normal M3, so maybe adding the A1 as a choosable "variant" ingame would be nice! And something I want to add. When you reload the gun, he pushes the...
  5. BD38

    What would you like to be improved in 3 words

    More weapon variety
  6. BD38

    Gun suggestions for future add-ons

    I haven't really found any kind of thread where people can suggest and discuss guns / weapons that may or may not get added in future updates. RS2, as it is right now, has a good foundation of firearms, but there are a few "essentials" still missing in my oppinion. US: CAR 15, later XM177...
  7. BD38

    My feedback on weapons

    Somehow, I can't post replies without admin approval? btt Seems like you are right, they modeled the charging handle, but somehow removed in the game? There was never any kind of "modified" M3 bolt, because the ejection port is way to short to acutally cock the gun with your finger. The notch...
  8. BD38

    My feedback on weapons

    Where did you get that picture from? Because there was never any kind of "bolt modification" done when the handle was broken. The reason behind that was that the bolt simply CAN'T be cocked by a finger in the M3, because the ejection port is way to small. And the bolt you showed me in that...
  9. BD38

    My feedback on weapons

    Fun fact: the field repaired M3s often have their broken charging handle replaced by a Sten Gun like charging handle
  10. BD38

    My feedback on weapons

    Because the Greaser was mentioned again. We have only one choice (maybe 2 if you consider the folding stock a "solution"): do it like FH2 and Day of Infamy did. Open up the sightpicture, so if you look down you have a "realistic" peep sight. And since we are talking about the M3, I will...
  11. BD38

    I'm not a fan of character customisation being level locked

    Adding microtransactions is the wrong way. Keeping specific COSMETIC items behind a level-wall is OK and some people need those as a stimulation to play the game for a longer time. I really liked the system of guns changing appearence in RO2/RS1, but going only 3 steps is not enough IMO. They...
  12. BD38

    Adding the Vz 58

    Before adding the Vzor 58, I would rather see the K50M, MP38&40 and the PPS43 implemented. Especially a K50M is needed.
  13. BD38

    Weapon Model Issues

    This seems like a good place to throw in my weaponmodel problems with the Greasegun. The modelname suggests a M3A1, but you used a M3 model instead. I've made a short video showing the difference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abLC-j0QTBM For those who do not want to watch the video, I will...