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  1. Yoshiro

    Suggestions for the next big overhaul of the game (suggestions for the possibility of going F2P, weekly modes, rewards, and automated community events

    Currently we have no plans to take KF 2 (or any Tripwire title) F2P. Among the things required to do so is a major UI overhaul to support such systems which is one of the things currently outside of the scope of the current teams working on it. That isn't to say we are not looking at ways to...
  2. Yoshiro

    Any news on the Item sale event for the PS4?

    Yes, we will make a post about such a sale.
  3. Yoshiro

    Inventory/store not loading.

    Check out the KB on the support site for this issue. It will likely help you.
  4. Yoshiro

    Any way to do these 4 things?

    Currently none of those are options. If they are things you would like to see, let us know and get others in the community to chime in.
  5. Yoshiro

    Killing floor 2 instantly crashing

    Please check out the support site and KB. It is likely you need to delete your local config files.
  6. Yoshiro

    Spring Update "Neon Nightmares" Is Here!

    One should be coming later today once we check over the update and make sure it has launched smoothly.
  7. Yoshiro

    Spring Update "Neon Nightmares" Is Here!

    Please note: Update is currently not live: Scheduled to go live at 11 AM EST Update is now being pushed live. Should hit PC's and consoles in the next few minutes.
  8. Yoshiro

    Neon Nightmares Double XP, Increased Drops and Sale is on!

    Featured Key and Discounts: Overview: Up to 25% off on all New Spring 2020 Items Up to 50% off everything December 2019 and Prior New Spring 2020 Cosmetic Bundles and Discounts: 20% Discount Spectre HRG Weapon Skin Bundle Pack $4.99 -> $3.99 Premium Cyberpunk Ticket $2.49 -> $1.99 25%...
  9. Yoshiro

    Maneater Official Countdown Thread (54 Days)!!!!

    We are not currently expecting any delays to our schedule, but are keeping a close eye on the situation at hand. Currently employees are WFH (Working from home).
  10. Yoshiro

    Spring Update "Neon Nightmares" Is Here!

    Event Neon Nightmares Liven up the night and make it bright with the Neon Nightmares update! Check out our new Cyber Rave cosmetic lineup that will be sure to light up any Zed party you throw! Take a trip down the multiple levels of Biolapse and take advantage of its layouts and traps to give...
  11. Yoshiro

    Can the Tripwire official servers be shut down, or some at least so community servers can stand out more

    They are paid for a set amount of time, so unless there is a strong argument for change they won't go away.
  12. Yoshiro

    Will there ever be any new updates?

    We don't have nearly as much resources as Valve does to invest in some of our older titles. At some point we need to move on so we can keep making more games.
  13. Yoshiro

    Spring Update: Neon Nightmares Beta 1 Is Here!

    None at all. While we are not currently expecting any delays in our production schedule for any of our projects, the teams are WFH and we are updating plans as needed as the current situation evolves.
  14. Yoshiro

    Start Supporting the game again

    While we are continuing to work towards a final QoL update, the game will no longer be actively supported. It currently does not make enough revenue to warrant putting a team behind it sadly, but that is always something we can re-evaluate, especially if new revenue streams are found that match...
  15. Yoshiro

    Four things

    @missing_trigger When things don't do as well as projected, you tend not to keep throwing resources at something. More variety would only increase the cost behind the characters and would likely make them do less well overall.
  16. Yoshiro

    Three big Maneater questions

    That event sets you forth on the journey. What you choose to do from there is up to you (but several story points will play out along the way).
  17. Yoshiro

    All perk levels reset

  18. Yoshiro

    Any news on the Item sale event for the PS4?

    How items and sales work is handled differently on consoles compared to Steam. It it something we are continuing to try and do, but I don't have any information to share on this just yet.
  19. Yoshiro

    Four things

    @infntnub you would be incorrect
  20. Yoshiro

    Four things

    1) What do you want to see happen here? 2) Like what? 3) HRG's are our preferred way to do cross perk weapons these days as they are far easier to balance and allow us to bring some new functionality to the table at the same time making the weapon feel good for both perks. 4) Character DLC did...