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    A simplistic approach to buffing Survivalist

    I know there are probably a dozen or two threads suggesting full re-worked (I believe I did one or 2 at some point, as well here). The perk is HOE viable in its current state in my opinion, but only with specific builds. This can be said somewhat for other perks, but moreso with Survivalist...
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    upgraded boomstick or doomstick?

    Preference? i've stopped trading up for the doomstick and have just stuck with upgrading the boomstick with an M4 and a med pistol lately. Also, was the doomstick nerfed? (again?) Boomstick just feels amazing and its affordability remains one of its strongest attributes imo (along with the...
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    Endless Mode - will this ever be addressed?

    I hadn't played Endless sine last Summer and I see the same problem that made me stop playing it still persists. After wave 20 you still seem prone to get 2 or 3 waves in a row of the same variety. All Scrakes seems the most common, followed by All Husks. Isn't there a simple way to ensure we...
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    Strongest Perk - November 2019?

    6P HOE - what is currently the strongest perk in your opinion? Medic and Zerk are always in the discussion for me just based on their roles - but if we were to take those 2 off the table... I've leaned towards Commando for the past year or two and it still looks that way to me. An accurate...
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    Does Killing Floor seem harder to you now?

    In general, I think most agree the first game was more difficult [myself for example - I never even attempted HOE in the first game]. Have you gone back to the first game after playing MANY hours of KF2? It's ridiculous.. I went back and forth between the games for a bit so I never really...
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    Hemoclobber Skins?

    I know they are likely coming - any chance of some being included in the Xmas update? This melee is so versatile.. probably my favorite thing in the game these days.
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    [Random Question] Do any glowing eye-type cosmetics work with DAR?

    I have a few options in my inventory and none of them are compatible. Is there something out there anyone who uses DAR semi often has found works with him?
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    I'm sure glad to see the spam flag system is still working wonderfully..

    Really? How hard is it to lighten this thing up guys? I make one typo and try to correct and bam.. flagged. I thought this was a thing of the past... Cool.
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    A few things

    24/7/365 holiday zeds I hadn't played krampus' lair in a while - I had assumed the year around xmas zeds also resided there (like santa's workshop). Can we make this happen? It would obviously fit in quite well on the map and the fact Abomination is already in Krampus-mode 24/7/365. :) Voice...
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    Did additional snow flurries/wind get added to Outpost?

    I tried google and change logs but didn't see something mentioned. The atmosphere seems so much better, but maybe I'm just remembering the map incorrectly.
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    We've got Star Wars maps..

    So this is a thing now. :) I've found 3 on workshop so far, and even though 2 are straight up arena maps they're all pretty well done. Too bad no Emperor's March music though. Sigh.
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    Low Gamma or High Gamma

    It's basically choosing between a gameplay advantage (additional range of vision) or a more realistic/scary vibe with the darkness. I had my bar 3/4 of the way towards dark for a while and swapped to full bright (all the way left) a week ago and the game just seems uninteresting to me like...
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    Why not just whitelist all mods/mutators etc etc

    This is just a thought that occurred to me while watching Pathfinder's youtube channel and he was using a pretty nice weapon pack. I can't lie, the stuff was crazy OP but it also looked very fun to mess around with. Where am I going with this? Well, clearly it doesn't matter what means...
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    RGB Flamethrower - colors only change while hitting primary fire after first reload

    Category: Unsure what category to place a bug with a weapon skin Reproducibility: Always Description: Purchase the Flamethrower. The skin will work properly until you do your FIRST reload. At this point you willl only see the RGB colors while holding primary fire. While standing idle and...
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    Why does it seem like we are so limited in what cosmetics Santa wears?

    Why can't we slap on some of the suit bundles? He can't wear the wasteland suits, but he can wear the helmet? Seems pointless. He can't wear the mark7 suits, but he can wear the helmet? Again, why? I was trying to find a pretty sweet mask/helmet to go with his stock suits, decided to grab a...
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    The great market crash of 2018 has begun

    Just keep watching those community market prices steadily drop more and more (even by the hour lol). This really is Christmas. I withdraw my request to apply this to the Dosh Vault - this is plenty great by itself. Ho! Ho! Ho! :)
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    Anyone have an idea what this is?

    Via webadmin I'm seeing these listed beneath the 6 players on my server - never saw this before. They are listed directly beneath the human players as if the server had 6 humans and 4 bots but I confirmed this is not the case with those on the server. KFAIController_ScriptedPawn_0...
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    Max upgraded 9mm w/ Swat

    Does anyone dual wield these.. for the entire game? I've been playing around lately and it's pretty fun. I do have my doubts the 110% damage bonus is working properly with the upgraded 9mm's though. It seems like it would be god tier if it was.. still very effective. Fun either way.
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    Best use of C4?

    I know the damage has a drop off based on time elapsed between detonations so you shouldn't just spam detonate (which I really wish they'd remove..), but from your experience, what is the best use for this? It puts a nice dent into packs of QP's and that's really my favorite use, even offperk...
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    Nvidia Flex

    I realize this is pretty much an abandoned feature but I felt compelled to mess with it a bit last night... 2 observations/comments I felt like putting out there. - flex (gibs only) doesn't seem to have the impact on FPS it once did when I first tried it in EA, so that was a nice surprise -...