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    Dropped weapon UI marker

    I've never actually had an issue locating the gun, as it always drops in the vicinity of your death - even if it does get thrown a bit. The problems begin in finding the gun and reaching trader in time to restock ammo or, of course, teammates picking it up and selling it. Gotta love that.
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    Ok real question: Will Saber do any optimisation work to make the game run smoother?

    This baffles me, as well. Why am I sitting through this long start up screen/freeze only to have these stutters when teammates load in during trader? Isn't everything in the game being loaded during these few moments we stare at our screens?
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    New Paid Weapons

    The pose itself is not copyrightable - but the striking of the pose (aka the emote) is... I only know that after all the nonsense with Usain Bolt after the Olympics, so yeah - you're wrong, Flips. In this case I suppose they wouldn't consider it a symbol or logo though so that's probably where...
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    New Paid Weapons

    Zero interest in these weapons. I've likely spent over 500 dollars on the community market in past years on KF2 things, but nothing about these weapons intrigues me enough to fork over the money [maybe if I like SWAT more I'd buy the shield/glock?]. I play a decent amount of Zerk, but I find...
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    Platforms and characters

    Why did this sit on Steam for a few years in development.. and now that it is finally releasing it's an Epic exclusive?
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    End game freeze for 30 seconds

    This also happens randomly for me as well - somewhere around 1 out of 4 games roughly. Glad to hear it wasn't my PC lol.
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    A simplistic approach to buffing Survivalist

    I know there are probably a dozen or two threads suggesting full re-worked (I believe I did one or 2 at some point, as well here). The perk is HOE viable in its current state in my opinion, but only with specific builds. This can be said somewhat for other perks, but moreso with Survivalist...
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    I played the winter version - very nice stuff.
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    Jaeger Dynamic FN FAL Skin is great! Please make more of these

    Some of the more recent skins have been pretty sexy. The beyond horizon space elite [I think that's there name?] is what I always wanted from precious weapons. The contrast is very appealing on the skin. The new gun for the reward here also looks pretty nice. I need to get off my butt and...
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    Lol - nice, Rock. Merry xmas.
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    PSA Regarding issue with the Matriarch Seasonal Objective

    I've seen the Matriarch .. twice... since the update. But man if the achievement was for Krampus for King FP I would have unlocked it twice (at least) lol. Oh well.
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    Wheres the new boss tripwire smh i get up n still nothing not even a update

    You haven't received the new update with the boss yet.. it's still in beta. https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?threads/yuletide-horror-beta-2-is-now-live.2334910/page-2#post-2336239
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    TWI you destroyed my KF2 server's SSD!

    Wow... that's crazy.
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    Getting grabbed by a clot during the Abomination's suction ability causes permanent movement loss

    Been there.. happened to me last weekend. In the live version, not the BETA and online.
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    New Gun Pack Coming to KF2 Soon

    It looks well done, but man.. it blocks more screen space than bone crusher or the swat shield. It reminds me of the top gun from Star Wars Dark Forces back in the 90's lol.
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    Yuletide Horror Beta 2 Is Now Live!

    I had the same take on it. I'm not a fan of the lock-on being removed. Sharpies who play some medic are going to love it though, I'm sure.
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    Yuletide Horror Beta 2 Is Now Live!

    I also liked it for dealing with Husks/Bloats to support my team and stun nearby zeds.
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    Yuletide Horror Beta 2 Is Now Live!

    Removing the lock-on was a bad idea - and I was against messing with it. If I'm playing medic I prioritize my team's well-being more than precision aiming. Playing medic is something anyone who plays enough can play at a high level in KF2. If your'e not a great shot, this gun likely never...
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    Strongest Perk - November 2019?

    Yeah, good point. It is easy to fall in love with a spot as those 2 perks and not realize your team has left lol. Awkward moments ensue.
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    Strongest Perk - November 2019?

    I'm a bit surprised you have Sharpie that low, especially below SWAT, but I guess you also need to factor in bad players using Sharpie on HOE lol. Easier to be a decent SWAT or Mando in most cases. :)