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  1. Proud_God

    RO2 Making voices manually invoked: Suggestion

    There are two extreme situations regarding the character's speech: A) Automatic voices: like it is now B) No automatic voices Both have downsides imo: A) can often feel cheap as it can give your position away and it removes a sense of control of your own avatar. B) would make for a quiet...
  2. Proud_God

    RO2 No 3rd person ammo check?

    Minor, I know, but I noticed there is no 3rd person animation for the checking of ammo. Just wondering if it's intentional or bug?
  3. Proud_God

    Small & easy to implement changes to zoom

    I know a lot of us have grand ideas of how zoom can be improved/changed, most of which sound awesome (for mods?), but this thread is about small, feasible tweaks TWI would actually consider implementing at this stage in the game's life. The suggestions should be all-out improvements (no one...
  4. Proud_God

    Vanilla maps, mkII

    Just thinking out loud here, but I think it would be interesting to play on 'tweaked' versions of existing maps. The maps themselves would remain the same, but parameters like spawn zones (location/size), cap zones (location/size/quantity), spawn timers, round timers, etc... would be tuned...
  5. Proud_God

    Should the next RO game include a progression system?

    Simple question for you all (including TWI staff :p): if TWI should ever make a next RO game, or an other game in the same genre, do you think they should include a progression system that is more than only cosmetic (meaning including weapon unlocks and stats improvements)?
  6. Proud_God

    RO2 main site down

    For a couple of days now. Just lettin' ya know TWI...
  7. Proud_God

    Another suggestion for peripheral indicators

    Besides the numerous suggestions already made for peripheral indicators (also show friendlies, etc...), I'd like to propose: Instead of the indicators always being bright white, make their color match the general color of the soldier they represent, taking into account uniform, the lighting...
  8. Proud_God

    Do you like free-aim when using iron sights?

    I think we can all agree that having free-aim in normal hipped mode is a good thing to have. It's basically essential in a game with no crosshairs. However, what's your opinion on free-aim in iron sights mode? Personally, I'd like to see an option to turn it off.
  9. Proud_God

    RO2 site hacked again? Pic added

    Something's up again. I get these white subliminal flashes when clicking hyperlinks in the forums, or just scrolling through a thread. When googling the forum, some javascript code is showing, see pic:
  10. Proud_God

    RO2 site hacked again? Pic added

    Seems...not legit:p
  11. Proud_God

    Redesigned cap-layout for exisitng maps

    Hi, I'm here to present an idea Sarkis and me had several months ago. Since neither of us can map, this thread is basically a friendly invitation to any mappers out there who are interested to implement this idea. The idea is the following: Redesign existing maps in the following way: there is...
  12. Proud_God

    Disable mantling while holding back a grenade

    One thing I have run into a few times: you are holding back a grenade and you jump before throwing it, for maximum throwing range. However, you happen to be standing close to a low wall or trench, so instead of jumping, you mantle, and hilarity and confusion ensues. So my suggestion is to...
  13. Proud_God

    Close combat needs some love

    Due to auto IS-zoom, the close combat game is hurting in RO2. And given the close-quarter nature of the Stalingrad maps, this certainly is an issue. Advancing in CQB in IS becomes a claustrophobic experience, inviting players to instead just run in with weapons at hip level. Now, I am aware you...
  14. Proud_God

    [Error] Weapon progression bonuses not disabled in Classic

    Weapon porgression bonuses are not disabled in Classic or in Custom when using "No Progression Bonuses" setting. The only way we have found to disable the weapon progression bonuses is setting the "Maximum Weapon Proficiency Level" setting on 1, but this has side-effects: it makes the server...
  15. Proud_God

    [Question] Making teammates show on minimap

    How can you make teammates show up on the minimap? When enabling the server option 'Team Member Icons', teammates do show up on the map, but not on the minimap (only squadmates). We show the minimap only in tac view.
  16. Proud_God

    Weapon progression bonuses in Classic?

    As was recently discovered, weapon progression bonuses still have an effect in Classic (see http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showpost.php?p=1132527&postcount=100). The only way to disable weapon progression bonuses is to set the server setting 'Max Weapon Proficiency' on 1, which makes the...
  17. Proud_God

    [Question] How to manually add favorites on IP address?

    How can you add a favorite server on IP address? Is it stored in some config file? Thanks
  18. Proud_God

    Weapon shot out of hand, let's bring it back?

    Not much to add, I'd love to see this back, too much good memories:IS2::IS2: Possible improvements over RO1 version: weapon and ammo can be dropped separately, so you only lose your weapon, not your ammo (this also has benefits in other areas, such as ammo sharing) no auto-switch to other...
  19. Proud_God

    To those who still believe in Classic...

    ...answer TWI's call for feedback: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=83353 Take your time and really think on how we can improve Classic! This can be a turning point!:IS2:
  20. Proud_God

    TWI: Can we keep 'disable spawn on SL' ranked please?

    TWI, can you please change it so disabling 'Spawn on Squad Leader' does not unrank a server (especially Custom servers)? I don't see an issue with such a server being ranked. Thanks!:)