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Recent content by VidGameDude

  1. V

    3ds max need help

    Ok so i forgot how to extrude objects along a path constrainted spline. anybody out there use 3ds max 2009-2011 that can help me? it'd be much appreciated. l8s EDIT: thanks to the help of yomomassis i have found out the solution. ignore this thread now.
  2. V

    Multiplayer sevrer info tabs gone...

    well it sees like an issue that i cant see to find on the search so i thought why not ask for help while i can. it seeMs when i go into Multiplayer and goto click servers, i only see the Map naMe and difficulty tabs. no ping, no nuMber of players, anything else is gone. now dont go and tell Me...
  3. V

    Corrupt a wish

    a simple little game invented to kill boredom and i thought i'd be kind enough to share it with you. ok here you make a wish and any wish you want but the catch is someone will say "wish granted, but" then they will say how it will end badly A.K.A Corrupting it...
  4. V

    Random Specimen Modeled 3dsmax =P

    hey guys just whipped out this crazy little terror from my twisted little mind. i dont know what name to give it or what it should do...so im gona let the public decide on name, abilities and back story. but i was thinking of a name along the lines of ripper or reaper...something that tears...
  5. V

    your favorite song to play during KF?

    Personally when im bashing their faces in i usually turn on my computer's radio and play this song.--v YouTube - Dope- Die Mother ****er Die what song that isnt from zYnthetic gets you pumped to brutally murder Zeds? post below.
  6. V

    Need help with a mod remake

    hey guys vid here and a friend of mine, NuclearMind, wanted to post a message about the remake of an old past time game most of you probably dont remember. Nuke says: "I know this is off topic to tripwire, but I heard that there are alot of active modders and coders wanting to build up their...
  7. V

    M1897 trenchPumpshotgun in 3ds max

    the best i could do since i'm not good at making the butt end of rifles or guns. i know it needs tweaking but it's a good base to build off from. l8s
  8. V

    WWIIPanzerfaust modeled in 3ds max

    i screwed up by accidentally making the newer version instead of the WWII version so here it is man i just realized how much im puttin out this week im on fiyaaaaaa (fire duh) l8s EDIT: turns out i made 5 rocket launchers lol thanks for the extra work Dextronaut =P
  9. V

    M79-Panzerfaust modeled in 3ds max

    here's another WWII weapon i made for mamoo took me another 3 hours now on to the revolver... l8s
  10. V

    Flammenwerfer41 modeled in 3ds max

    i made this not only for the WWII weapons because i volunteered, but mainly to apologize to the modelers and coders. i'll add the straps in later l8s
  11. V

    9_6's Specter 3ds max 2011 rendered

    Hey everyone. thought i would take the time to make this bad girl as a cool tribute to an awesome idea by 96's Specter drawing found here http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=42754&highlight=spectre all the info you need is posted in his thread and i hope you all enjoy the...
  12. V

    Boss idea modeled 3ds max 2011