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Recent content by [TW]Strago

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    1) NEW CONTENT New Maps Catacombs Evacuation Point New Perks Firebug Demolitions Berserker- completely reworked New Weapons [LIST] Caulk
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    Preview patch changelog (v1011)

    Gameplay Reduced Spartan attack speed to intended value Increased smash knockdown power to intended value (note: text description of perk has not changed yet) Tightened spread on HX25 Audio Added voice over for Strasser, replaces placeholder audio Balanced all voice over audio Optimization...
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    Preview patch changelog (v1010)

    Patch for the opt-in preview available soon. See you in game! Weapons Reverted changes to starting and max ammo for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support weapons. Tweak to laser sight on Eviscerator Made Scrake more vulnerable to direct hits from RPG rockets, especially when aiming for the head...
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    Suggestion Box

    Based on KF and RO2, is there anything you would like to see us do in KF2 to improve support for unreal script modding?
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    SDK Workshop Update Today

    There was a patch today to address a bug with updating an existing workshop entry. You'll also find a new menu option under tools to reset your update history. If you are still having problems updating entries use this new feature to clean out corrupt data in your update history.
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    Linux Server Updated

    The linux server files have just been updated. The version number should be corrected making the server visible in the server browser.
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    Killing Floor Patch December 13th

    A small hotfix has just gone out to fix a bug on linux dedicated servers which prevented the ZED and Axe weapons from not being purchasable at the trader. In addition, some achievements have been updated: Highlander - Now unlocks properly Back to work - Now unlocks properly Bloody Christmas...
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    Killing Floor Twisted Christmas IN SPACE is here!

    http://www.killingfloorthegame.com/xmas2012/ Twisted Christmas Event The Killing Floor Christmas event is back for a limited time with an all new low gravity map! Event Details Free for everyone that owns Killing Floor - auto downloaded through Steam. All new level, Moonbase, Horzine's Evil...
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    Dec 5th, Workshop Upload Hotfix

    A new version of the SDK is now live to fix uploading files to Steam Workshop. Previously, files were being uploaded to the wrong location making them inaccessible. There is a known issue remaining with the workshop updating menu which we are looking into.
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    July 27th Patch Notes

    There is a patch coming today for RO 2. It will be a large download, but that is because we're converting our files over into something that will work much more efficiently with Steam's new content system. Future downloads will much smaller allowing us to update the game more often. Other...
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    February 7th Update Notes

    General Made a number of improvements to ammo resupply points Bots now have more variation in the spawn points they select Achievements for single player campaign progress should unlock properly now Reduced range of the rifle bash attack. Bayonets are unaffected. Fixed occasionally invisible...
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    [Solution] Crashing on splash screen

    If your game has been crashing on startup the most likely cause is a bad ROEngine.ini. By deleting/moving/renaming this file and relaunching the game a new clean ini will be generated. More specifically, anyone who has removed 'Suppress=Log' will run into this problem.
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    Jan 11th Hotfix

    There was a small update today to address an issue where players were getting kicked back to the server browser in the middle of a downloading a custom map.
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    January 10th Update Notes

    Modding and map making tools are now available free to everyone that owns Red Orchestra 2! While the limited functionality preview versions of the SDK have been available to select modders for a while, this release now makes the full capabilities of the Mod SDK available to everyone. Other...
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    SDK Jan 6th Update

    There will be a small update today to address the long loading times when the SDK exe is launched. In addition, publishing will now cook the server content after the first cooking process has completed. Previously this step had to be done manually via the commandline. The server files can...