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Recent content by Tefaan

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    Upcoming Changes to Monetization - And Why We Are Making Them

    Tripwire Interactive know what they are doing. I understand that at some point you will have paid dlcs in a form or another to continue the development of the whole game and other and / or new games which is very expensive (that's what a game dev company does and lives of). We live in...
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    New alternative for the Demo

    Hi, I love the Demo perk but I have the feeling that the only useful loadout is the usual M16 and RPG combination. I thought of an alternative to the M16. Maybe there could be a semi-automatic rifle with an attachment for a grenade launcher. It could be a real weapon or even a make-shift...
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    Twisted Christmas Opt-In Beta - How To and Changelog

    Cool, I didn't know about that! I can't find in the workshop? I don't receive any xp for my daily missions in the vault. Why is that?
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    WWAUT - Post Launch Work Begins!

    There won't be a Martial Artist ;-). As far as I understood it in the livestream, they completely gave up on the idea. They also tried to add LMGs' but they cannot balance them (btw I don't need LMGs', so I don't really care). I'd like to see perks / weapons which are different like...
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    [Request] Perkminimum and Perk limiter

    Hi, I played KF1 for over 1300 hours and now over 170 hours in KF2. I'd love to see a similar Perkminimum Mutator like in KF1 and what I never liked is when people decided to play a mono perk match. When you're the only demo and everybody else is Zerker and such. It's not only annoying but also...
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    KF New Achievements spotted

    Hey, I just spotted the 23 new achievements on the list. It says Ach_252, Ach_253.... Let's see what they tell us when they get revealed. Also there are four unknown dlcs on the list: http://steamdb.info/app/1250/dlc/
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    KF Killing Floor on sale!

    It's on sale right now! Grab the dlcs while you can, lads! http://store.steampowered.com/app/1250/ Also as a Saint Patrick's Day special there are achievements activated you couldn't get at this time. (I thought it's worth a new thread because it might get more attention that way)
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    KF Random Server Crashes

    Hi, like three days ago one of my Linux dedicated servers keeps crashing. I don't know what's wrong. It seems to be random. It crashes when a new map is loaded or while the trader time or even just in the middle of a match. I can't read those crashlogs and maybe somebody else can help me with...
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    Update incoming on my client

    Hey, I'm downloading an update for the game. It's half of a GigaByte. Does anybody know what's that about or am I the only one?
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    KF New Demo Weapons Issue

    Hi, I was trying out the new Demo weapons. I noticed that people can detonate your bombs and rockets before the timer runs out or the rockets hit their target. I'm pretty sure that the flamethrower can do that. The thing is if you're playing with a flamer you will hurt yourself if it detonates...
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    KF Dual Pistols not working

    As I read on the forums I noticed that people say they can't pickup a second pistol when they already have one. Here's a thread where people mentioned it, beginning at the fifth post: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=96225 I experienced that today when I tried to pickup a...
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    KF Server disappears in the server list after time

    Hi, I've got a vserver with Ubuntu 13.04 set up two servers in two different locations on the same vserver. Now I gave the second server the port 7717 and increased every other port in the config by 10. It's basically the same server just with different ports. The first server is always running...
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    KF LAW flashing red-dot sight

    Hello, I wondered about the red-dot sight of the LAW since I found out there sometimes is a red bigger circle around the dot. It's flashing on the position where I took the screenshot but only there I discovered it. Take a look at this picture...
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    German Anti-Tank "grenade"

    Hello, I've searched a bit for this topic whether it's already been created ago but I didn't find it, so I created one. I'm very new to this game but one thing is just crazy. Since when do you throw the Hafthohlladung at tanks? It's a magnetic mine that sticks at every metal surface not a...
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    Tripwire Interactive Bundle on sale! Daily Deal!

    Hello! I thought it's worth to create a thread for people who've maybe waited for a cheap price for Killing Floor and/or the Red Orchestra games and there was no official thread. It's just a daily deal so hurry people! Take a look if you're interested at it: http://store.steampowered.com/app/1250/