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Recent content by Stukadriver

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    Helicopter training

    The helicopter training video is nice...but is there another way to somehow learn how to use the helicopters? It seems there is one speed...and how do you land? I was all over the sky...controls...where are they, aside from directional? Thanks.
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    Just an update, please

    The Rising Storm game is excellent, obviously just my opinion...seems to be much more brutal than RO2...maybe because I have not yet had the opportunity to play as much as I want, but certainly is a challenging series of maps and battles...looking forward to its growth like RO2 Stalingrad. My...
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    BOTS - Again, maybe

    Played Japanese side on Iwo Jima tonight. The Japanes Bots ran around like ants after their nest was kicked. Why can't the Bots be programmed to run to the noted "Protect" or "Attack" or "Destroy" points and just hang in there...laying down cover fire rather than running around and getting in...
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    RS ALT key - prone problem

    While playing Rising Storm Beta last night, when I used the ALT key to go prone, the screen would go blank, then re-appear but not in the full screen size that I had selected. A smaller, bordered screen would appear after a stuttering display. Once prone started working, it seemed to function...
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    Origin of Game Name

    I was recently reading the book, "Berlin at War", and came across reference to a faction of people who were politically opposed to the National Socialist Party before and during WWII until they were pretty much eliminated by the national police. They were referred to as "Red Orchestra" in this...
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    Best Time to Play

    I live on the East Coast of the U.S. (Maine) After I get home from work, have supper, watch the poor excuses for local and national news...some of The Colbert Report...sip a bit of wine...then wander in to the computer room for a good dose of escapism into Stalingrad, I usually see around 500...
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    Help with maps

    Please tell me where to find or identify objective names on the maps. During the battles, message will appear that say the Allies or Axis have captured "the schoolhouse" or another such building or objective name. When I refer to the map, if I can without getting shot, I do not see the names of...
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    Bumped - three times

    Please explain this to me...three times I have been on the RGN-Semper Fi server and have been bumped for "exploitation" or some strange reason that implies I have some super ability. I have no idea of how to rig the game. I have a straight-forward system that plays RO2 on almost the highest...
  9. S


    Sorry if this is a repeat question or wrong forum area...what microphone is recommended for this game? I have NVIDIA GTX 460 graphics card, Creative Sound Blaster...all is working very well with the game. Thanks.
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    Barashka crashes me out

    I can play the "old" maps...but cannot load the new Barashka. I see one or two opening still scenes like it is starting to load, and then I get blown out of RO2 entirely. And not many servers are on the Server Browser. How do you reload an update? I think today's update was not clean.
  11. S

    Tanks...for the memories...

    Yes...clever, I know. Just curious...does anyone play the tanks anymore like the Kursk map or the Gumrak map? I only see one or two people at most on rare occasions. The Russian tank in the Battle for the Bridges is very effective and fun to see in the game. I know the subject of tanks has come...
  12. S

    How do you know when there is a hacker or?

    So...I am a regular player. I follow all the rules and have no idea of how to hack or speed whatever or cheat in the game. But a few times lately, there have been on or two players who seem to be able to shoot through two or three walls...immense distances...through sandbags, etc. This ruins the...
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    Custom Maps

    It is great seeing the new custom maps being made available. The one with the bridges is fun and the variation of battlefield conditions is great. The Kursk map is also a great addition. I hope sometime I get on the game when there are many , many players on that one. It's huge. Just a couple...
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    Comment and question, please.

    I have enjoyed RO2 since it became available and appreciate very much the effort put into this product by its developers. In addition, I think the comments in the forum as well as the map development by independents have helped make this game better and better. Thanks to them all. My evening...
  15. S


    So it is 9:00 PM Eastern...what is wrong with the Steam servers? I got a message that an update occurred earlier, and now I cannot get into Steam/Red Orchestra...this is what bothers me with the fully internet dependent service. When it is down, you have no options.