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  • My reference to the 251 was based on my memories of the NCO/CA lectures during the transition from the M-113 to the M-2 Bradley. Where the doctrine of mounted attack was discussed from the inception with the WW2 Panzergrenadier to the modern era. I also referenced many documents at the USMA Library on the subject as I modeled my Bolt Action 'minitures' wargame MidWar/LareWar Panzergrenadiers. 1 250/1, 3 251/C, 32 dismounts. So far any attempt of a 'mounted' attack did not work out well based on what I addressed, even in a 'game' environment, now real life... Now I dismount out of range and use the 251's as mobile MG support units to the dismounts as they maneuver.
    Also my HEER re-enactment days where we were taught the tactics from and ex Bundeswehr NCO as well as banging around cross country in our replica 251/OT-180. Couldn't see anyway of actually hitting anything with my K98 firing from that 'bouncing' platform. A lot of this is old memory and with age...well.

    I still have difficulty with any late war era mounted attack against the US and GB forces with the improving Infantry Anti-Armor weapons available. Russia, different story.

    Have seen what armor piercing small arms rounds (7.62X51NATO, and the WW2 era .30/06 was far more powerful)do to the inside of a lightly armored vehicle, and have seen the resulting carnage in the vehicle. So again I question the 'motivation' of the troops inside a 251 getting shot at.

    As with any form of academia the classes and material are usually biased by nationality and even 'pride'.
    hi i noticed u are quite skilled in 3ds max ,would you b able to help me apply a checker map to a tanks threads with a cylindrical projection on the right selection of faces
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