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Recent content by SCtheReaper

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    Entire Inventory Disappeared

    Today when I went to play KF2 on my PS4, I noticed that I couldn't customise DAR's head. Went to check inventory and it just said it was populating the inventory,but it never progressed at all. Been back to it a few hours later and it's exactly the same. Even tried downloading a previous save...
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    Potential bugs

    On PS4 I've found a few things that could use work I think: -On the rooftops stage between the SIGMA and Phantom areas, if it's a race mission, one biker starts halfway through the track most of the time, making them unbeatable. -Sometimes biker AI's fly along the rooftop track, by which I...
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    Just a quick test post as requested by Foster Parent
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    Road Redemption Sub-Forum

    Was just wondering if an admin/mod could pop over to the RR sub-forum and open it to posts/replies? It's currently unusable.
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    2nd Boss spawning during Boss Wave

    Was just playing a Solo Game, Hard 4 waves ZED Landing on the PS4. About a minute after the Abomination intro playing and then my fighting it, the Abomination intro played again. During this I was still visibly being vomited on, when it ended I carried on fighting. A few seconds later another...