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Recent content by sanf

  1. sanf

    Explosions, how do they work?

    Mostly, when I sense a grenade too close to run away or there is artillery right on my head I throw myself to the ground in RS2 (did the same in RO2), because in my understanding the chance of being hit by shrapnels is lower. My question is now, how exactly are explosions modeled in RS2 (and in...
  2. sanf

    RO2 Easter eggs on Tula Outskirts!

    So I was wandering around and found some.
  3. sanf

    IOM Sounds as modification?

    Hi, is there a possibility to see the sounds from the IOM as a single modification, so we can "listen" to them everywhere? Or is it somehow possible to replace the standardsounds when I got the IOM?
  4. sanf

    RO2 Update from 22.5.2013 - what is it supposed to change?

    Hi. I finally finished downloading the 2.4GB huge Update from yesterday. Now all I see is a new intro. Is there anything else new? I did not find any new guns in the statistics or new maps etc... It would be nice if someone may tell me the changes :)
  5. sanf

    [Crash] RO2 crashes in the main menu!

    Hi, I just bought RO2, installed it and then downloaded a patch via Steam, which was around 600mb. When I start the game it starts normally until I get to the main menu. Then the In-Game-Mouse doesn't react. But if I open the Task-Manager the normal Windows-Mouse appears. I can see this mouse...