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Recent content by pie1055

  1. pie1055

    Merc Report - More Explosions, More Bullets

    ...Because mouse3 already has a function? You could make it go through a sequence like DefaultAim/SingleFire, DefaultAim/AutoFire, AltAim/SingleFire, AltAim/Autofire, and then loop through them but it'd be unreliable in heated situations. KF2 is a fast-paced game and even single on/off...
  2. pie1055

    KFAISpawnManager.GetNextSpawnTimeMod() returns an int

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: The function definition GetNextSpawnTimeMod() in the class KFAISpawnManager returns a float but the actual return line uses Max() instead of FMax() so the value gets truncated and fractional information is lost, possibly throwing other math off...
  3. pie1055

    Merc Report - Improving Field Conditions

    Seeker Six- Are you certain this weapon needs to be buffed and the RPG-7 doesn't need to be nerfed? From what I've been hearing lately the RPG's ability to headshot Scrakes is too useful to go without and this could be a bigger part of why Seeker Six goes unused than anything to do with Seeker...
  4. pie1055

    M16 + grenade launcher: indicate loaded grenade

    // DRF3 4/13/2020 - Overridden to support reloading secondary magazines with the reload key/button. simulated function SendToFiringState(byte FireModeNum) { // DRF3 - If we're trying to reload and we cannot reload the primary magazine, reload the secondary one. if ( FireModeNum ==...
  5. pie1055

    Now that the forums are back up...

    Yup, they even made handy little info-graphics that we were supposed to print out while we played or something- Trip's tried a lot of different things. Some have stayed, others have not. The game conductor is another one that didn't go over too well and was either removed or significantly...
  6. pie1055

    Non-Primary weapons/equipment disappearing during gameplay

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Unable to reproduce(reliably) Summary: During gameplay all knives, pistols, and medic syringe/welder disappear from inventory and become unable to be selected, even with the quick-heal shortcut. Trying to select them shows the category but with no items within as...
  7. pie1055

    Summer 2019 Beta 2 Changelog

    This is what my files say, and I haven't opted into the beta at all. Seems like a typo was indeed the case. Recoil is handled by ModifyRecoil() in KFPerk_Commando and is not related to the perk skill's StartingValue or MaxValue but instead on a getter function that returns the default value of...
  8. pie1055

    2 QoL requests

    1: Increase map selection window size(pictured below). Minor, but the selection window could be expanded to show more maps at once. KF2 has gotten quite a few maps since release and the ol' selection window is starting to require more and more scrolling to find maps even if you only have the...
  9. pie1055

    Killing Floor 2 Build 1073 Opt-In Twisted Christmas Beta!

    I can't put into words how grateful I am that this bug has been fixed and I really appreciate it, but, uh... Does this mean you guys specifically only fixed the bug pertaining to the Suicidal achievement and not the Hell on Earth version(Fatal Exception)? I'd love it if the Hell on Earth...
  10. pie1055

    Code Dead achievement failing to trigger

    Unlocking this achievement appears to be bugged. The description for it currently reads, "Complete DieSector wave 25 on Endless Suicidal difficulty". I've played DieSector on the endless game mode on suicidal difficulty in solo mode once from wave 1-26 and a second time from wave 1-31 with an...
  11. pie1055

    WWAUT - Something Fishy This Halloween!

    It's August. Barely August. We celebrating Halloween in September now, or what?
  12. pie1055

    [Game mode] Fiesta v1.0

    Finally reached v1.0 on this sucker. Fiesta is a modified survival game mode that mixes things up every wave with 15 wave modifiers. Zeds might split in two instead of dying, A ghost might start chasing after players, or the skies might tear open and begin raining money from on high. I hope...
  13. pie1055

    Changing/replacing what weapons spawn on the map?

    As part of a game mode I'm working on I'm attempting to modify what weapons spawn on maps but have come to a roadblock of sorts. My main question is how this should be done? Below are what I've tried and why, in case of TL;DR. Far as I can tell, the weapons and armor chosen to spawn on the map...
  14. pie1055

    WWAUT - Who Likes New Guns?

    I dunno, the sound clip sounds like to me, though it has been a while... As for the guns, the dp12 looks to provide an interesting enough experience compared to the other shotties. The centerfire, on the other hand... We've been asking for an official bolt-action weapon for sharp for I don't...