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Recent content by Nitronik

  1. Nitronik

    Low damage and useless weapon

    The video you posted is fairly old. Ever since, all full caliber weapons were buffed so that they can kill in one shot to the gut (M60, Mosin, SVD etc...) Weapons do lose a lot of damage if you start hitting the limbs however, and intermediate caliber weapons cannot kill in one shot to the...
  2. Nitronik

    Hardcore Ruleset Mutator

    Find it here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1846593734 The "Hardcore Ruleset" mutator is a collection of gameplay tweaks geared towards hardcore players. It is a combination of "More Damage V2" and the now defunct "Classic Mutator" . Features include : - Weapon...
  3. Nitronik

    Whitelist request - Classic Mutator

    WHAT IS THE CLASSIC MUTATOR ? The 'Classic Mutator' is a gameplay modification that aims to tweak the pace of RS2 : Vietnam's gameplay Some of the changes found in this mutator draw inspiration from previous entries in the series, such as RO:Ostfront and RO2:Heroes of Stalingrad Read more here...
  4. Nitronik

    Green Army Men - a WIP total conversion mod

    Hello everyone! For those of you who do not visit the official / modding RS2 Vietnam discord, the announcement of this mod might come off as a surprise What is 'Green Army Men' ? Green Army Men is a total conversion mod for Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam that aims to shrink Rising Storm 2's action...
  5. Nitronik

    Question : What helmet do the KF1 characters wear?

    Specifically : Corporal Lewis, Lieutenant Masterson and Private Schnieder All you need to know is that I am up to some shenanigans right now. I've been doing some research on the matter, but I can't quite place my finger on it. With them being British soldiers, the MK6 looks like the closest...
  6. Nitronik

    "CLASSIC" Masterson?!?

    I expected you guys to come up with a new character using Alan's voice, not to bring the Lieutenant back! And even then, we also got classic Briar back! To be honest, I am actually happier to have two favourites return, rather than a new reincarnation. Bravo Tripwire! this is NOT a...
  7. Nitronik

    Sometimes, I really regret purchasing Killing Floor 2

    Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but holy ****e aren't the dc issues annoying. I don't think I have played a non-solo game these last two weeks. Seeing as the threads in other sections get buried and/or ignored, am I alone in this? Or is anyone else actually having dc issues? Is there...
  8. Nitronik

    RO2 Issue with ripped RO2 / RS weapons

    Hello everyone! I am currently experiencing a rather annoying issue with ripped weapon models. The bones are not behaving as they should. For some reason, the weight painting isn't being correctly applied to the mesh, resulting in bones having a bigger area of influence than they should. Case...