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Recent content by LuxCapere

  1. LuxCapere

    Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

    This game has not only been abandoned by the "casual"/"newcomer"(to PC gaming) demographic (R0/RO2 were too, but it didn't matter) but its FAITHFUL-PLAYER-BASE, as well. (When) --You lose the nerds that like to play your game constantly for hours on end, while making the gameplay and...
  2. LuxCapere

    Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

    Green Army Men is the perfect case-and-point for why this game is failing to the point that not even its time-proven CORE-COMMUNITY, supports its development and player base...
  3. LuxCapere

    On the Matter of the Latest and Coming (Future Planned) Community Updates

    really? i must be behind the news, sorry and thanks!
  4. LuxCapere

    On the Matter of the Latest and Coming (Future Planned) Community Updates

    Just red an article by you guys which you posted on your discord, about clarifying the future plans for RS2. In it, you mentioned some planned weapon nerfs... In particular, I'd like to talk about 3 of the weapons you mentioned... 1. Thompson SMG: yes this gun needs a nerf for distances...
  5. LuxCapere

    Low damage and useless weapon

    no, it doesn't... probably won't even hit anyone because the hitzone is so narrow, and does not expand as the blast emanates out from the device
  6. LuxCapere

    Suggestion: Use Sympathy For The Devil By The Rolling Stones in a content trailer

    Bill Withers- World Keeps Going Around This song is very sad vietnam vibes, much reminisce, much flashback, much poignant... such WOW...
  7. LuxCapere

    Quality of Life Improvement Ideas

    This QoL suggestion will just be about a few annoying things/features I have repeatedly noticed throughout my 500 hours of RS2 gameplay. 1. Flamethrowers: This is an old old complaint in issue is in the RO/RS community. Flamers are OP! They should be, but there should be reason. For one, it is...
  8. LuxCapere

    Mas49 vs M1 Garand on muzzle velocity (damage)

    I have noticed that the M1 Garand seems to be significantly less "punchy" than the mas 49. Both rifles fire the same round, however, the m1 Garand has a longer barrel than the Mas 49, and as such, it produces slightly more muzzle velocity than the mas 49 (IRL/IRW). The Mas49 should render...
  9. LuxCapere

    Fog of War

    I play a lot of Rising Storm 2, and one of the things I can't help but notice the most, is how easy it easy to spot targets in areas where it shouldn't be easy at all, like in dense jungle. I believe that a major contributing factor to this issue, is that many weapons, take the m14 and m16, for...
  10. LuxCapere

    Australian Army Marksman Weapons

    Currently, the armament of the Australian Army's marksman is not historically accurate. The Australians used the "M21 Sniper Weapon System" (the xm21, post experimental combat trial phase) in very small numbers, as it was a US Army experimental weapon system for most of the war until the end...