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Recent content by LATTEH


    KF2 Gamebanana mapping contest.

    Just a heads up. Gamebanana is doing a KF2 contest! first prize is 200 dollars! http://gamebanana.com/contests/65

    Red Assault Final

    Name:Red Assault GameModes:TE,CD,FF Author:Brian "LATTEH" Birnbaum Website:http://lolatteh.tumblr.com/ Credits:To Everyone that ever played my map: Its been a fun ride through pain and tears i loved every minute of it Thank you for playing, you don't know what it means to me. Anyone that...

    Your Brutal and honest opinion About Red Assault

    I didnt put this in the leveldesign section because i would probably get more common players to post here. And In risk of looking like an idiot i wanted to gather feedback on my map From the community (You). I know it isnt that popular and has some problems, but I want to try and make a better...

    White list gone?

    Is the whitelist for maps gone? because after i uploaded my lighthouse map to workshop people found some bugs that i wanted to fix. now that i have a fix do i have to submit it to be whitelisted?

    Cant start Sdk because of recent steam update.

    Is anyone else having this problem? it keeps saying that i need to have steam running to start, but obviously i have it running.


    Is the time for Re-submission for the contest over? Just wanting to know because i never received a message back from anyone at tripwire.

    [MAP]Red Assault

    Hello Thank you for considering for downloading my map! Ive spent the last three months working on this for the RO2 "CounterAttack" mapping contest. Its still a work in progress and ill added Firefight and Countdown to the map So any feedback is appreciated! Story: This level isn't...

    Crashing while saving because of covernodes

    I don't know if its because of the recent update. But every time i move, edit any of my cover nodes and then try to build or save the level it crashes! even in older version's of my level it will crash when it shouldn't. to pinpoint when it crash's is when its saving and its on backup...

    Problem with cast dynamic shadows and lightmass

    So everytime i build lightmass certain static meshs keep getting cast dynamic shadow disabled. from the pictures you can see its a big problem. this keeps getting unchecked even tho i check it for each build. my pain ingame: also you can see ingame some meshs get it unchecked and some dont...
  10. LATTEH

    [Question] can i use Windows server 2003's IIS as a redirect?

    Currently i have my server setup with a simple website (i dont have a domain name) i can download stuff from it, but i have no idea why it wont work with RO2. im just using a virtual directory for the files right now. what do i have to do to get RO2 to download my map...
  11. LATTEH

    Tripwire Expand the upload size past 100mb please!

    I cant upload my map. If i could upload a zip file i would be fine!
  12. LATTEH

    Rubble-city [WIP-Alpha]: Name also a work in progress edition

    This is my first time making a level for RO's type of gameplay. So i don't know how well it will play out with what i intended. What i wanted was so each side would have tanks but antitank squads would be able to take them out while in the safety of the buildings. But i think this map will...
  13. LATTEH

    Having trouble with something that i shouldn't be.

    I cant Spawn at all i followed the tiny tutorial for making a spawn but no matter what i do i can't spawn! Am i missing something? because this is something that should be simpler! Is there a step by step so i can see what im doing wrong?
  14. LATTEH


    MAP NAME The Lighthouse Description of map: It is a medium to small level. It has many different Hold out postions and a ton of detail. I added all my assest for you to use! but its in a separate download link because of its size. Story: After Several days of traveling across open water this...
  15. LATTEH

    KF-LightHouse Beta

    MAP NAME The Lighthouse Description of map: It is a medium to small level. It has many different Hold out postions and a ton of detail. I didnt include the Source files for my assets. I Didnt want you to have a Huge Download Each time i update it or have to upload a giant file each time i do...