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Recent content by KampucheanSVD

  1. KampucheanSVD

    Crash on Map Rotation

    Message is in the second post.
  2. KampucheanSVD

    RO2 SP Files

    Hey I'm trying to get all the achievements in RO2, problem is I don't have RO2 Single Player as an option. Can somebody send me the file?
  3. KampucheanSVD

    How Do I Make a Sound Mod?

    I know that modding for this game is basically dead but I still want to make one. There isn't a lot of info on how to do it on the internet.
  4. KampucheanSVD

    Game Security Violiation Detected #0000001

    Easy Anti Cheat notification. Green Army Men works fine on the base game map just not the custom one.
  5. KampucheanSVD

    Voices for Old Faces

    Apparently if you set your character to black they speak in ebonics (kinda), how come if you make your character old they still sound like a young man?
  6. KampucheanSVD

    Crash on Launch After Trying to Fix Easy Anti Cheat

    I've been playing the game for a while. In fact literally the reason I signed up for this site. Nothing happened like this until the summer.
  7. KampucheanSVD

    Local Split Screen: Is it Technically Possible

    My friend got KF2 on his PS4 but unfortunately unless somebody else brings a PS4 with KF2 installed on it we can't play together. I've been wondering, is it even physically possible to program split screen mode?
  8. KampucheanSVD

    Crash on Launch After Trying to Fix Easy Anti Cheat

    Ok so their website told me to delete the file that was causing the crashes, so I did then verified cache. Now it crashes every time, what do I do?
  9. KampucheanSVD

    Viet Minh vs French/Japanese and PAVN vs Khmer Rouge/China

    Will the game ever expand this far, or will it basically just be as long as the USA is involved?
  10. KampucheanSVD

    Why does the Mosin Nagant PU in this game look so different from the one in RO2?

    Is it a Chinese model or something?
  11. KampucheanSVD

    Hardware Physics, Instant Rendering, In Game Streaming, What the Hell do These Do?

    Which one will give me the best performance? I tried turning on a few and the game crashed.
  12. KampucheanSVD

    More Songs for the Main Menu

    Not gonna lie but I'm tired of hearing Run Through the Jungle when I go into the main menu. It's a good song don't get me wrong, but it just gets old everytime I lose connection to hear it. I've basically associated that song with losing connection/getting kicked. Maybe some variation in the...
  13. KampucheanSVD

    .dll Error Crashlog

    Ok so I disabled Hardware FX and it's still not working on a public game. Why is this? I can still play the training mission though.
  14. KampucheanSVD

    Hearts of Iron and Mods

    Anybody else here a fan of HOI IV and HOI IV mods? Yes my first Hearts of Iron game is HOI IV, and even though I'm not a master of it by any stretch of the imagination, I can have a damn good time with friends. My favorite mods are Old World Blues (Fallout themed overhaul), Kaiserreich, and...
  15. KampucheanSVD

    Crash As Soon as Launch

    When I launch KF2 it gives me the bugsplat thing as well as this. Failed to find file for package Core for async preloading. Address = 0x2c2fa388 (filename not found) [in C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll] Address = 0xe95e7115 (filename not found) [in D:\Program Files...