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Recent content by infntnub

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    Yeah, it does look pretty nice.
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    Time İndicator for Newcomers + Support&Demo Regulations + Already Existing Game Modes

    " 1) Last upcoming players should be able to see 'Remaining trader time to next vawe' in lobby before joining. Otherwise, it can be big problem everybody because of the newcomers (who want to join progressing game) can't get any weapons or armor for new wave and ruins all the game " Yeah.. that...
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    Killing Floor 2 will be free to keep next week as part of the Epic Games weekly giveaways

    The game seems to do really well on the free weekend events - even if they don't go full F2P as a business model it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a free week once a quarter to help spike the population back up a bit. Could easily carry the game another 2 or 3 years barring a sequel comes and...
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    Killing Floor 2 will be free to keep next week as part of the Epic Games weekly giveaways

    They've already done this in ways though. EA had the dosh jacket and alienware masks you could have gotten in on if you're interested in a status symbol to show you've been here from the start. There were also the early rewards like the wave 1 horzine armor reward. [not sure if they ever...
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    You should be able to wear the Kevlar Helmet and gas mask!

    I assume new cosmetics introduced to the game later created clipping concerns on some (or all) characters and instead of individual fixes there was a "mass" fix done that impacted unintended cosmetics, such as this. I had forgotten all about this.. lol.
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    Killing Floor 2 - Epic Online Services Beta

    Interesting - I assume this somehow relates to Maneater being an Epic exclusive for its first year of release.
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    Medics Should Get Assist Count and Dosh + Flamethrower Weight Decrease

    I'm on board with the medic suggestion, but I didn't finish reading the firebug one since I was busy laughing at the "best and only useful trash killer in the game" line lol. I cringe hard watching most FB's in HOE...
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    Not getting the 50 free dosh crates

    Don't worry - it was just going to be 50 sets of pajamas and face paints.
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    Any hope for DLC weapon Regional pricing?

    Sales come during holidays based on what we saw during the last event... just wait.
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    [WIP] KF-Blood_Covenant

    I like the idea of trying to port a Quake map into the KF2 world!
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    KF2, Tower Defense in Disguise

    glad to see you still around, Rock. :)
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    Survivalist Rework

    @Zesa " now we are left with a Jack of all trades perk that really doesn’t add much to team compositions. " I think the biggest issue with the perk is, despite how bad it is to some people, it's still easy to carry a team with it with the right loadouts. You can derp like crazy with...
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    Biggest Crutch in the game - April 2020?

    It's extremely useful if you find yourself surrounded from various angles simultaneously - but truthfully, if you're sticking with your team they should help prevent this from happening lol. Even so, I still have at least 1 or 2 moments each game where it saves my butt. Less dying = more dosh...
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    More Prestiges?

    so sick of pajamas....
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    Neon Nightmares Double XP, Increased Drops and Sale is extended!

    thx for the extension - it gave me enough time to get the AA12 RGB skin :)