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Recent content by Hicks-D

  1. Hicks-D

    MP7 animation bug

    Category: Animation Reproducibility: Always Summary: Empty MP7 clip doesn't appear while reloading. Description: During MP7 reload animation empty clip doesn't fall at floor as it should. I didn't noticed this problem with other weapons. Video settings set as High. Online/Offline: both
  2. Hicks-D

    VS Survival - Fleshpound kick attack

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: Player controlled Fleshpound sends survivors in the air Description: Playing as Fleshpound and using kick attack you can push survivors really far away. If you kick survivor that standing in front of wall or something, depends on your distance...
  3. Hicks-D

    VS Survival - grabbed zeds

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Sometimes, I guess Summary: Alpha Clot can grab other zeds Description: I saw it once but not tried to reproduce it yet. After match end I (Husk) was grabbed by Alpha Clot. Also, I noticed wrong team icon in statistics window. You can watch this in captured...
  4. Hicks-D

    VS Survival - double Patriarch

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Sometimes, I guess. Since no one wants try to reproduce this Summary: We got second Patriarch after first one left the game. Description: I played in Zed team. Humans cleared all 4 waves, Patriarch is shown up, and player that was controlling Pat just left the...
  5. Hicks-D

    Wrong shop timer icon

    Category: UI Reproducibility: Sometimes Summary: Sometimes at shop time timer icon switching to battery icon. Description: Icon doesn't switch back until shop time ends or will switch back at random time...
  6. Hicks-D

    1024 update, fps drops at Farmhouse

    I noticed fps drops right after update. It happens mostly inside the house at 2nd floor. Yesterday I played Farmhouse and had stable 62 fps with vsync. Bought brand new laptop few days ago, played KF2 with high settings without any lags - and blam! - remember old days, buddy, here your 30 fps...
  7. Hicks-D

    Can't buy anything at ingame store

    I noticed that problem today. Every time I tried to buy something at ingame store I get error and nothing happens.
  8. Hicks-D

    Flamethrower eats FPS

    In 1016 and 1017 updates players using flamethrower causing FPS drops. Before 1016 update all was fine with flames but now it slowing down my FPS to nearly 5-7. Yep, I play on 2012 year laptop but before these updates I had 30 FPS almost at all maps with custom low-medium settings. And...
  9. Hicks-D

    Can't refill armor as medic

    Category: code Reproducibility: always Online\Offline: both Can't refill armor when have not enough money for full refill. For example, I have 50 armor and 30 dosh. I click "refill" in shop, it shows that armor slightly increased. I close the shop menu and my armor still 50 instead that value...
  10. Hicks-D

    Game crashes after 5 min in online

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Summary: Game constantly crashing after playing 5-10 min. After 29 july update (Windows 10 fix) my game started crashing every time I play it. I started the game, go online, played with no problems 5-10 min and then all just freezed and after some time...
  11. Hicks-D

    KF2 Wallpaper

    Made a wallpaper. 1600x900, click for download. One more next time.
  12. Hicks-D


    Map Name: KF-TownOfDisaster Map Author: DoctorTerV Beta Number: 3 Playable: Yes Pictures: Description of map: Map similar to the KF-WestLondon, but much bigger. This map is not mine. Map author asked me post it here. Sharpshooter lv6 is recommended :) What testing is wanted: spawns and zed's...
  13. Hicks-D


    Map Name: KF-STALKER-Prometeus Playable: Yes Pictures: Description of map: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. style map. And my first experience importing a new static meshes :) Map Download/Download Size: 23 Mb http://www.moddb.com/games/killing-floor/addons/kf-stalker-prometeus Mirror...
  14. Hicks-D


    Map Name: KF-DeltaLab Playable: Yes Pictures: Description of map: Map similar to the KF-BioticsLab, but has access to the surface. Traders: 3. Weapons\Ammo spawns: yes. Map Download: http://www.moddb.com/games/killing-floor/addons/kf-deltalab Download Size: 2 Mb
  15. Hicks-D


    Map Name: KF-HZ-Beta Beta Number: v1 Playable: Yes Pictures: Description of map: Another underground base. I had the idea to create a working elevator, but at the moment I do not know how to do it...:confused: What testing is wanted: Mainly, zeds spawn and pathing. Any suggestions about...