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Recent content by HellBilly

  1. HellBilly

    FOV ... why is it so narrow ?

    why is field of view so narrow in the settings ? is there a console command to fix it
  2. HellBilly

    firefight ... TDM

    i have a couple questions how many TDM maps are there ? and are there any US server that run TDM only that are not owned/ran by TWI ? also hats of to TWI for the massive performance boot on RO2
  3. HellBilly

    free weekend .. ETA .. and state of the game

    i was wondering if a free weekend was still in the works and what state the game is in ... performance .. graphics ..ect. judging by the forums its still in bad shape please dont have a free weekend till the game is ready for a free weekend it is the best shot the game has to bring in...
  4. HellBilly

    2 maps for TDM !!!!

    i would like TW to go on the record and tell us how many TDM maps we can expect to see in the full retail version of RO2
  5. HellBilly

    TDM servers for next weeks BETA ???

    i know us TDM guys are the black sheep but i hope you have not forgotten us. will there be any firefight servers running during next weeks beat opening? ... it would also be nice to see a TDM video if one is lying around somewhere
  6. HellBilly

    PRESS .. what game mode are they playing??

    what game mode are the Press playing?? my opinion they should be playing firefight .. since its geared toward the new player
  7. HellBilly

    T-34 model tank

    i guess it won midway model of the year ect. something .. something made by william carls his son is a buddy of mine .. his son is too lazy to make a account on the forums .. his clan is www.tdrclan.org ( this is your CUE to make a account ;p ) anyways here his fathers tank
  8. HellBilly

    no sound

    no sound in game got sound in everything else but when dwarfs is running no sound ive used the sound controlls in the options menu and still cant seem to get sound to work any thoughts ??
  9. HellBilly

    surprisely good game

    i bought ball and dwarfs on sale yeasterday to help support TWI i didnt pay it much mind. it just felt like the right thing to do. i missed the beta app. submition cause of a thunder storm. i was really feeling down. till i played ball it is a surprisely good game. i didnt think it would...
  10. HellBilly

    can you lean ?

    can you lean in the new RO2 game ? lean left / lean right ? i watch every video i can get my hands on and i dont know if ive seen anyone leaning
  11. HellBilly

    need fire fight info

    info on the new game plkay type firefight is really hard to find anyone have any info ? ive followed RO since UT2003 .. ive seen it grow and ive seen one of the best game communitys ive ever seen built. but the objective based game play and round based spawns kill the funn for me i need...