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Recent content by GrooveSan

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    Videos/Screenshot Section

    Just your average "5 sirens at once" moment. (suicide)
  2. G

    Toxic vote kicking still prevalent as of early 2019

    I don't even know what to say, so I'll just leave it here. Check the chat box P.S. It was HoE game. And yes, I got kicked
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    Harold Lott DLC character

    With the introducing of DLC, is there any chance we get Harold Lott? I would pay any value for the best ever KF character
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    Abomination is boring af

    Hans, Patty and King FP all have unique attacks, and make players to perform various tactics to beat them. And the only tactic you need to take down the Abomination is the S+Shift+mouse_button_1 (even on hoe). When the Abomination is spawned, I am getting so bored it makes me want to just quit...
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    KF_Nuked easter egg

    In the basement, there are 3 papers with some russian inscriptions on them. One of them reads: "Batcat forever", "We are all Batcat", and the Russian sustainable expression meaning "one foot in the grave". The other paper says: "Dance contest, tomorrow, 6 o'clock"...
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    Can't shoot or block as soon as some animations are finished

    First of all, I realize I'm duplicating the topic. But, I am in cornern if this was not a bug but a new way of how mechanics work now. So, with the Summer Sideshow event introduced, some of the mechanics were altered. Those are following: Before the update- when reloading a gun, if the fire...
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    Can't shoot or block as soon as some animations are finished

    Category: Code/actions mechanics Reproducibility: Always Description: with the Summer Sideshow event introduced, some of the player actions mechanics were broken. Those are following: Before the update- when reloading a gun, if the fire button is held, you fired a gun as soon as the reload...
  8. G

    Commando weapons sounds

    Overall, the updates are good, and you did a great job, BUT Why did you feel like change the sounds of Bullpup and SCAR? In my opinion they used to have best sounds I've ever heard in any game. Now they sound just very generic. Commando weapons used to be one of my favorite thanks to bright...
  9. G

    Any way to kill PVP Boss?

    I will be honest: I play PVP just for the achievements, and once I'll get them I'll never come back to PVP mode again. And now the question: is there ANY way to kill Patrick not using a C4 nuke exploit? PVP boss balance is soo good (sarcasm) Patty wins every time
  10. G

    Too many bad medics

    Why are there so many awful medics in the game? What's wrong with you? Why do you ignore the people that are being eaten just in front of you, and keep running around, shooting left and right, instead of doing the job your class suppose to do (to keep your teammates alive, first)? If you see a...
  11. G

    Farmhouse map exploit spot

    Category: Level design Reproducibility: Always Description: On the Farmhouse map, there is spot near the entrance of the basement, where zeds do not see players, if players stand inside the bushes. Can be done in online and offline mode.