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Recent content by Foo'bar

  1. Foo'bar

    KV-2 with dark turret

    Recently I've put a KV-2 tank into my map. Ingame the tank had a very dark almost black turret. All other hull seemed to be lightened well. Where's the problem here?
  2. Foo'bar

    Map runtime

    is it possible to let a map run longer than 99 minutes - and if yes how long?
  3. Foo'bar

    [Question] Server starts map new - without command

    We're running on a Linux/Debian server and pretty exact with 1083 update we experience the following phenomenia: The servers's running RO-AlteZiegelei_rc03.rom exclusively. Map voting is deactivated. Map cycling is deactivated. The map has a dedicated running time of 99 minutes. Exact 5...
  4. Foo'bar

    Warning: Steam account phishing page

    Recently a Steam account phishing page popped up. A user named "sk0r.Czybik" have made this one: Don't fill the form. Don't send it!
  5. Foo'bar

    Snap to floor => any hotkey?

    Didn't find anything about a key for Align => Snap to floor. Have to align some hundrets of things to floor. Would go faster with a key... :) Anyone?
  6. Foo'bar

    Movers vs. Static meshes

    why are static meshes way brighter as soon I import them as movers into the map? How can I fix this?
  7. Foo'bar

    Try to convert a static mesh to brush

    ...but at least here it doesn't seem to work. It always results in a editor crash. I've built a building with approx 2.000 mesh trigons, imported it as a ase static mesh into the editor. Now I want to convert it to an additive BSP geometry - but unfortunately I always run into a crash. Is there...
  8. Foo'bar

    Strange lighting

    Recently I was playing around with dark rooms and now I have strange behaviour with lighting. When driving with vehicles into a zone with less light than the surrounding zone only the turrets will be darkened (like on image): On players only the helmets and the field gear will be darkened...
  9. Foo'bar

    Strange pattern while painting a layer

    Anybody can help me? I want to paint streets and set up a 1024x1024 layer. When I paint on the surface I only get this strage pattern like shown on screenshot. What I'm doing wrong?
  10. Foo'bar

    Volkswagen Typ 82 "K

    Yesterday I started to build a VW 82 for RO, aiming to 6.000 trigons for external model and 6.000 for internal. In this thread I will post my development progress. On the first two screenshots we have 3.800 trigons so far. Tires have 278 trigons per each, 32 edges on outer rim.
  11. Foo'bar

    Decreasing steering speed?

    I was asking myself if it would be possible to make the Halftrack and Ba-64 to have a more realistic steering speed when pushing left or right key. Now the wheels go way too fast to the left or to the right. The time they need to go to left or right needs to be much longer, say three or four...
  12. Foo'bar

    RO-Alte_Ziegelei (beta4.8)

    Hi folks, once upon a time I just wanted to try out the SDK editor and played a little bit around with it. I opened up some simple maps to see how they've been made. So changed some things on Keystone's Debrecen, trying to understand. And I changed. And changed. Days went by and I almost...
  13. Foo'bar

    Problem with my hemisphere

    Hi folks, please look at the pictures below. My hemisphere is crooked by a few degrees. For better understanding I've drawn vertical and horizontal lines onto the hemisphere skin. I don't know how to get the hemisphere totally levelled. Any ideas?
  14. Foo'bar

    Weapon pickup needed

    Hi there, I want to place a scoped Nagant and a scoped K98 on my map. Anyone who can help me? I don't have any clue of coding :(
  15. Foo'bar

    Ligthing single objects

    Hi there, I was playing around with a map and I was asking myself how to darken the wooden bunker without change the environment's lighting. Possible?