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Recent content by Fedorov

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    [Game] What can Tripwire learn from Doom's disaster?

    Just take a look at the reviews section: http://store.steampowered.com/app/350470/
  2. F

    Will we ever see weapon slings in a videogame?

    Just saying.
  3. F

    ArmA 3 has more players than RO2...

    TWI's motto has been that making the game more accessible will bring in more players. So why is it that a game as inaccessible that runs like crap, like ArmA3, has so many more players than RO2? Not trolling, just honest question.
  4. F

    [Game] Flagship - First person RTS in Space (kickstarter)

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2049430629/flagship-space-strategy-from-a-first-person-perspe I think it looks incredible, but it needs help.
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    RS Will buying Rising Storm Digital Deluxe unlock bayonets in RO2?

    I have a friend who says he wont play RO2 without the bayonets, he is thinking about buying the franchise pack to get RS but steam doesn't let him buy it because he already owns RO2, so he would have to get Rising Storm and Ostfront (just to unlock the bayonets) separately and that one is not on...
  6. F

    Will there be diferent Zed models/skins within the same zed class?

    Will there be visual variation with zeds? Right now, all zeds within the same class look the same. I don't mean something complex that affect the animations and the hitboxes, but it would be cool if there were several different skins and models that make the zeds look more varied even if the...
  7. F

    Any good WW1 documentaries out there?

    I think my knowledge in WW1 history is lacking, can you guys recommend me some good documentaries about WW1?
  8. F

    Skallagrim on Zombies and Brain Damage

    First of all, I know in KF they are "specimens" and not "zombies". But still an interesting watch: Zombies and brain damage (tougher than you might think!) - YouTube
  9. F

    Please, tell me this will NOT change.

    If there is something I really want to be able to keep doing is the ability to shoot a stream of Dosh and make it rain. Please do not change that.
  10. F

    Will you release a 60 FPS version of the trailer?

    I know youtube does not allow more than 30 fps, but there are some other sites like gametrailers I believe that allow 60 FPS videos. The question is, when you release a gameplay trailer, will there also be a 60 fps version? People would fill the internet with gifs and webms out of that thing.
  11. F

    Free Aim comfirmed?

    http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/05/09/killing-floor-2-how-tripwire-aims-to-design-gamings-most-realistic-guns/ Does this mean the guns have some degree of free aim like in RO? Also... crosshairs? ><
  12. F

    The Gore System Questions Thread.

    Opening this thread to give devs a chance to describe more in detail the gore system based on our questions in a less chaotic manner than having it all around the board. I'll start with my questions. Can specimens survive dismemberment? or will dismemberment be only triggered when the specimen...
  13. F

    RS How many mortar grenades do a light mortar level 5 get?

    At base level is 6. Does ammo distribution count towards mortar grenades? and how much is it?
  14. F

    RO2 Hey TWI, How does this feel?

    http://steamcharts.com/app/35450 How does it feel to have so many people playing your game at once?
  15. F

    No matter how realistic a game is...

    ...you never see the weapon slings. Why no games ever properly model their weapons with their respective slings?