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Recent content by DirtySpartan

  1. DirtySpartan

    KF-Descent [Grindhouse entry]

    The remnants of the military sought refuge in the confines of an abandoned subway station. They blew up all exits but two, set up a checkpoint, gathered supplies and even managed to restore electricity partially. However, the zed horde forced them further inside. They thought they were safe...
  2. DirtySpartan

    [WIP] KF-Descent

    How's an abandoned subway full of ex-living military, spooky destructible lighting, nasty surprises and tens of custom made textures, meshes and MICs sound? My first shot at map making and texturing/modeling and I think it's looking good so far. Expect a B1 version on the 29th/30th.
  3. DirtySpartan

    The ejection port on weapons stops being animated correctly

    Category: Animation Reproducibility: Tends to happen towards the end of a match (medium/long game) Summary: The ejection port on the M500/AK12 stops being animated correctly Description: Whether it be during shooting or weapon check animations the ejection port doesn't move at all when it...
  4. DirtySpartan

    Anybody figure out how the KFReverbvolumes work?

    They seem to control the BG noise but I can't for the life of me figure out how the heck they work.
  5. DirtySpartan

    [SDK] Combined meshes don't mesh together well with building lighting

    Category: Code(?) Reproducibility: Always Description: If you place a combined mesh in your map and build lighting the shadowmaps will not be built correctly on the combined mesh.
  6. DirtySpartan

    [SDK] Saving assets with new collision using your map as a package will cause a crash

    Category: Code(?) Reproducibility: Always Description: 1. Saving meshes with new collision in your map and attempting to place them will always cause a crash the first time you attempt it. If you attempt it the second time it will work. 2. Combining meshes and saving them to your map having...
  7. DirtySpartan

    Group Crash

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Always Description: If you make a group out of a couple of static meshes in your map your game will crash if you attempt to play said map through Killing Floor 2. Another person had the same issue which was also resolved by removing all groups.
  8. DirtySpartan

    [Release] Dark Outpost

    Ever wondered what Outpost would look like if it was at night? (and made by a crappy mapper) Features: New lighting outside Butchered snow effects (because they didn't look very good in the dark) Increased difficulty: Spawn timers delay reduced by 1/3 Spooky Darker environments Night time...
  9. DirtySpartan

    Map lighting

    I feel like not much is being done with the gorgeous dynamic lighting system. We have indestructible terminals and glowsticks made out of nintendium sitting around every corner contributing to the fact that night vision is completely useless. Guns don't make shadows anymore and neither does...
  10. DirtySpartan

    Parrying randomly stops working

    Category: Code(?) Reproducibility: Random Summary: Parrying will not be succesful randomly Description: Even if you time parries well the parries will not be succesful. It seems to be server specific since parrying doesn't work well for the entire game. Parrying also doesn't seem to work if...
  11. DirtySpartan

    Weird collision for players inside BurningParis theater

    Category: Level Reproducibility: Always Summary: There's collision in the air where there most likely shouldn't be. (The player can't go through anything above the red line)
  12. DirtySpartan

    Hans draining until player dies (HoE)

    Category: Code Reproducibility: Sometimes Summary: Hans will kill a player he's draining instead of leaving him at low HP Description: He almost always kills a player he's draining if you heal said player when he's low HP. He sometimes kills a player he's draining even if you don't do...
  13. DirtySpartan

    Hans kills you instead of leaving you at 5 HP on HoE

    Title Happens randomly, really annoying when it happens.
  14. DirtySpartan

    Perk skills not activating correctly until rejoin/restart

    Supplier doesn't activate until you rejoin the server and Ammo activates only when you pick up a weapon. The weapons you're already holding won't get a bonus to their max ammo pool. EDIT on supplier bug: This seems to be an issue for people who got to level 5 in the same game.