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  • Thank you Josh! I still have much more to learn, but I'm getting there. :) And yes, I'm going to work on it when I get home. I might play a little too. We shall see. Depends on if Zak doesn't mind. :B
    Apparently the map is missing the staticmesh for the golden axe thingy pickup can you send it to me?
    MEH! I want more! Haha. Yeah, Chappy freaking hated it. He was like 'UHHHH what is this bullcrap?!' Haha. Then he said he just wasn't in the mood for it. You definitely should put more in that map. ;P

    So yeah, I'm for sure going to try and create my own map. Those videos I was talking about seem to explain every thing pretty well. Looks simple enough to follow. I shall have a sweet map, one day. ;.;

    Sorry for dippin' out so early last night. I don't feel so crappy today, so I'm sure I'll be on until late as hell. (story of my life!) Wooooo. :)
    So I have to say, thank you for introducing me to that most FUN map ever. Haha, even after you left, for like another 2 hours we were still playing it. I finally made it past the balance beam. So you basically try to get to the end and then wait for the pat is what it seemed right?
    Now that your back in the forums, please check out my latest map in the beta release forums KF-HorzineHeadquarters-V2 and when you get a chance to download it, can you please give a rating out of 10 and report any exploits/bugs/glitches THANKS!
    uh hmm i dont know about yoyo me well its been a long time since i played kf or other games. how come i never catch you in a game. uh you must be a ghost ?
    btw i love your 2 maps, Aventine and most of all Marylux. i love your way of puting the old trader from kf mod and the cute colors in the trader shop. and almost everything, well just wanted you to know, take care Dex :)))

    best regards

    How can i say No! Yes Dexy i Do. i would like to... even tho its been some time since i played it:rolleyes:. but i think i still remember the keys/controls

    take good care.

    and see you when i see you! :)

    ROFL. No way. I'm just pullin' your leg. So I re-read the post I made about candlesmoke, and realized you weren't thanking me for the map, but for complimenting your attractive face. xD
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