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  • Sounds delish. I keep changing my avatar. xD It's so freaking slow here, I have nothing better to do.
    What the hell, they closed my poll! >O Oh well, I guess that shrine of myself in the trader needs to be made, maybe we can do it on my map? xD
    I totally forgot I told you that. Haha, I come in to work yesterday morning, it was my half day, well I bring my coffee with me, and put it on top of my drawer that I am carrying to my desk. Next thing you know, that **** just falls over, and scolding hot coffee went ALL over me and all over my drawer, the money in the drawer. Hahaa, I was so mad, and I smelled like French Vanilla. e.e
    EW DUDE, OMFG. ASHASL;HJASKL; God I hate old soup. You know what I hate even more than old soup? REALLY old chips. The way they smell makes me want to jump off of a 5 story building. xD

    I'll make you some soup and over night it to you.
    Oh bajesus. You caught what I had the day before, BUT THROUGH THE INTERWEBS! O.O So weird. Haaa. Well I hope you feel better. Being sick is not fun whatsoever. Hope you'll be down to play later, I mean.. it is Friday. One of the few times I'm willing to stay up late and play, because Saturday's are short *** days. Eat some saltines, they'll help settle your tummy.
    Did you get a chance to work on Modena any more last night? I might end up working on it tonight, not sure. Depends on this headache, whether it stays or goes. If not I have this weekend off, and I have an entire week off for vacation on the 26th. Praise Buddah, haha, I totally need a week off. I'll talk to you tonight when I'm home from work.
    NVM about the golden axe thingy for the map KF-Don'tFallDown2-FM I found Robot's x-mappackv21 thingy and it had 100 KF 2.5 maps including that! Oh, right I came here to tell you how awesome you are for porting all the KF 1.0 maps! Now I can finish KF 1.0 to KF retail SP campaign port!
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