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Recent content by Davski

  1. D

    Microwave gun any good?

    The push back effect of the alternative fire mode is its best asset, as it allows you to distance yourself from lunging big Zeds so you can avoid taking damage when they melee attack. I've always used it with Dual Spitfires (upgraded - for the small Zeds) and prefer this set-up to anything else.
  2. D

    Is Armor worth it?

    Even on Hell On Earth, I wouldn't buy armor until the last couple of waves when I have purchased the main weapons and nobody else needs the Dosh. Unless playing solo, buying armor in early rounds is such a waste of money considering how little it will last, and that there is bound to be someone...
  3. D

    Strongest Perk - November 2019?

    I don't think Berserker is anywhere near as dominant as it used to be. It can actually be quite frustrating to play since the EDARS and Rioters came in. There are also times where Berserker is near useless with certain loadouts: Husk-onky waves in Endless mode or against the Abomination, etc...
  4. D

    Public Lobbies stuck on "Match Over" screen

    We've had 8 months of this glitch :/
  5. D

    Unable to find match

    As above, unable to find a match for the past two/three days. The only exception is with Objective mode, where it does find a session, but it's a Stuck-on-match-over glitched one, so not playable. < I swear that glitch has been in the game for over half the year. Every update brings networking...
  6. D

    Prevent late joiners during Trader periods

    It's a nuisance that we could be right at the end of the Trader session, and then with 5 seconds to go until the next wave starts, someone joins. As difficulty increases with the number of players, the late person becomes a liability to the team considering they couldn't get to the Trader and...
  7. D

    Now that the forums are back up...

    "This game doesn't have enough worthwhile content to justify selling individual weapons after the years of support WE gave YOU" Are you talking about this? >> https://www.pcgamer.com/killing-floor-2-will-offer-paid-weapon-dlc-in-future-content-updates/
  8. D

    Steam Fortress 'Out Of Map' Glitch

    There's a glitch which allows people to use the Boomstick Alt fire mode to jump into the central part of Steam Fortress. It's been around for a while, but due to everyone copying eachother, I now see it in every single game on that map. There are loads of videos on it, e.g...
  9. D

    Mismatched Match lengths

    Since the new update, choosing either Short/Medium/ Long Suicidal Survival settings in the Find A Match will always result in being put into a different length match instead. E.g. search for a Short game > get put into a Medium game. PS4 Europe Region
  10. D

    Vote To Skip Trader disappears after Voting to Kick a player

    This has been happening since voting to skip the Trader period has been introduced. When a player has been kicked from the session, players can no longer vote to skip the Trader period as the option eventually disappears from the Menu screen, or the option will still be there, but nothing...
  11. D

    Public Lobbies stuck on "Match Over" screen

    For the past week a really frequent bug occurs where I'd join a public lobby, but it says the game has ended. The screen stays like that, and doesn't progress, meaning every time I search for a game in that Wave length, I see the same screen with the same player and the same Map every time. I...
  12. D

    Bugs (PS4)

    There are still loads of bugs that haven't been fixed, but here's some that don't seem to have been mentioned yet - Prestige icons are missing on home screen when first loading the game. When first booting the game, the prestige icons show as non-prestige at the home screen. Changing perk fixes...
  13. D

    Create A Match settings interfering with Find A Match

    When creating a match through the new Create A Match option, setting the Permissions to Invite Only prevents me from finding a match via Find A Match in the future, unless the Create A Match setting is changed back to Public. E.g. After playing a session that was Created as Invite only, going to...
  14. D

    Zed kill count objective glitch

    Only kills on Monster Ball count; are you playing non-seasonal maps?