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Recent content by Cranston_29thid

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    29th ID Community Cup: RO2 Search & Destroy

    29th ID Community Cup: RO2 Search and Destroy The 29th ID has run a variety of tournaments internally since it's inception. Now comes the first tournament that is solely created for the RO2/RS community. This tournament is aiming to help satisfy the lack of competition that is currently...
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    HTTP request to website

    I'm trying to make an HTTP request to a web site when the map loads (ie. GET http://mysite.com/api). In UT2004, this was made pretty easy via El Muerte's LibHTTP. Is there a similar library for Unreal 3 or some native method that does this?
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    Package behaviour differs if it is in cache or stored locally

    I've recently created a script package that contains custom roles. I made a map that makes use of these roles and uploaded it to a server for testing. With the script package locally stored on your pc, everything works perfectly. However, if you do not have the script file and instead download...
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    issue with downloading external packages

    Since the brewing system was introduced I've run in to an issue where custom packages would not download properly by clients. This issue was seen on some of Rekruts maps such as univermag and bibilohill. These maps use external packages containing textures etc. What would happen was that the...
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    Server suddenly stuck unranked

    Hello. The server that we've been hosting from NFO suddenly went unranked yesterday. It's been going since September of last year and we've never had issues with it going unranked (disregarding testing of non-whitelisted mutators which were fixed easily by disabling them and restarting the...
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    Calling All Custom Map Authors and Enthusiasts

    To aid in the exposure, development and progression of custom maps, the 29th ID will be hosting "Public Play Sessions" where custom maps are tested out on a full server. Through these sessions we hope that the authors can receive even more feedback, and that they get to experience how their map...
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    29th ID Public Play Sessions (Sundays @ 8pm GMT)

    Hello players of RO2/RS. I am Cpt. Cranston of the 29th Infantry Division. I'm writing this thread to invite everyone to our Public Play Sessions. Now that the Banzai Mapping Contest is well under way, lots of really interesting custom maps have been released by the community mappers. However...
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    RS RSTE-Kobayakawa

    Hello everyone. I've been working on a map on and off for a good while. The map actually started as nothing more than a way for me to get into the editor, but over time the map and concept grew on me. After a period of uncertainty I finally decided to get it ready in time for the mapping...
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    RS Referencing RS classes and iteration

    Question #1: I'm wondering how to iterate through each element in an array. Consider the following example: ROMI = ROMapInfo(WorldInfo.GetMapInfo()); function FindAxisRole() { local int i; local int RoleArrayLength...
  10. C

    SDK Crashes on mapload

    I've been working on a map for a while now. All in all the SDK has worked reasonably well. Yesterday I tried to open my map and the SDK stopped working. It seems it is not specific to my map. If I try to open any map that is not a tiny one (IE the TWI example maps) the SDK crashes. This is what...
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    Multiple Ingame Admin Logins?

    Hello. I have enabled and created multiple admin accounts in webadmin but when I try them out ingame they do not work. I have been told that this might be a feature for webadmin only, and not for ingame. So my question is, does RO2 support multiple admin users/pws for ingame admining?
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    SDK Crashed Randomly

    The SDK is very unstable for me. It will stop responding at random. As far as replication goes, right now it stops working pretty much every time I copy-paste SMs (either Ctrl-C Ctrl-V, or by Alt-dragging). The showlog didn't give anything interesting. Windows suggested three files that...