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Recent content by Beskar Mando

  1. Beskar Mando

    Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

    The bottom line is we're likely to get a patch sometime this year, and that will be the final update to the game. I sincerely doubt Tripwire will do much if anything at all aside from fixing the serious server related issues. The freedom to mod still exists and always has. Nothing is holding...
  2. Beskar Mando

    Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

    I think what dumpling was trying to say was that it's a niche game mode that didn't fit well with the existing franchise. I'd honestly agree, it's fun to screw around on with friends. But it's not the bread and butter of the series so to speak. The same thing occurred with FireFight, Search and...
  3. Beskar Mando

    Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

    If you have any of the older merch designs, or hell even older merch I'm down to buy it.
  4. Beskar Mando

    Rising Storm 2: State Of The Game September 2019

    Well seems I won the bet I had with a friend, which I forgot about until today, on if the patch would be ready before 2020. Another week isn't going to mean much to be honest, already been multiple months at this point. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't this de-ranking issue stem from patching...
  5. Beskar Mando

    TW Merch Store Part 2 - Hats

    Still no RO franchise merch :(
  6. Beskar Mando

    Tripwire Interactive Merch Store - Soft Launch

    Dang it. Where's my Red Orchestra mousepad!
  7. Beskar Mando

    Tripwire Interactive Merch Store - Soft Launch

    GIMME! (or resell them).
  8. Beskar Mando

    Tripwire Interactive Merch Store - Soft Launch

    Don't have any real ideas for designs, but the veteran or hero rank icon would be a nice one, that and faction-specific icons. I'd probably buy a few of those in a heartbeat. I personally prefer simplistic icons over complex art on t-shirts, much like what you currently have going.
  9. Beskar Mando

    Forum Overhaul has been completed

    Guess I also have to manually watch this thread too, despite commenting in it. An automatic feature of alerting you after commenting on a thread has a new post on it would be nice (like the previous forums). Not digging the do everything manually "option". Definitely good for some areas, not so...
  10. Beskar Mando

    Forum Overhaul has been completed

    Definitely enjoying the new look, especially with the RO style. Aside from getting notifications by manually pressing the "watch" button for forums & sub-forums, is there any way to view the newest post/thread like we used to be able to? It's no longer there in the header for each sub-forum...
  11. Beskar Mando

    Offensive Northern Sappers

    Very, very small mutator I made that changes out Northern Sappers to ones with Satchels and Grenades. (Only replaces these roles if the Northern Faction is attacking). Very simple and very small. Less than 50 lines of code, 6kb, and took me only a few minutes to make. I often find that mines are...
  12. Beskar Mando

    VNSU-Ia Drang Valley - WIP/Feedback

    Well Yeah, but they also had to create the assets (Fairly sure the LDs also were the ones who made a fair amount of the assets for the levels), which increased the time it took to complete them. Among everything else from developing the game. None of which you need to do. Word of advice coming...
  13. Beskar Mando

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam: The Field Manual

    A rather extensive guide I started working on with a few others last year. It can be found here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=802991681
  14. Beskar Mando


    VNTE-DaNang GameType: Territories Objectives: Four Objective A: F4 Phantom Repair Hangar Objective B: Supply Dump Objective C: F4 Phantom Docks Objective D: Control Tower Environment: United States Airbase Lighting: Morning Overcast MapSize: Small-Medium Southern Faction: United States Army...
  15. Beskar Mando


    You have too many textures (total, throughout all layers, it's cumulative), which is why the rainbow shows up. Try reducing the number of layers you have or simplifying the materials you are using.